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Think at GC: The Metacognition Project

QEP Development Committee

The following people were part of the committee that developed, honed, and implemented the Georgetown College Quality Enhancement Plan.

Dr. Rosemary Allen, Provost (later appointed President
Dr. Tracy Livingston, Professor of Biology, Chair (Faculty)
Mr. Andrew Adler, Director of Library Services (Faculty)
Mrs. Robbi Barber, Directory of Diversity and Inclusion (Staff)
Dr. Christel Broady, Professor of Education (Faculty)
Mr. Preston Crump (Student)
Mrs. Bethany Farley, Counselor (Staff)
Dr. Brad Hadaway, Professor of Philosophy (Faculty)
Mrs. Devin Harris-Davis, Assistant Director of Academic Success (Staff)
Dr. Jennifer Price, Professor of Psychology (Faculty)

QEP Implementation Committee

In spring 2022, the following individuals were asked to serve on the QEP Implementation Committee. This group is tasked with the implementation, monitoring, assessing, and modifying the plan as needed over the course of the five-year project.

Dr. Jennifer Price, Professor of Psychology, Chair
Mr. Andrew Adler, Director of Library Services
Dr. Calah Ford, Visiting Assistant Professor of Education
Dr. Amanda Hughes, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Dr. Cliff Wargelin, Professor of History