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Distinguished Alumni

Graduates (1842-1917)

In 1839 the Trustees conferred the degree of Bachelor of Arts on Reuben Flournoy Ford of Scott County, “a former stu­dent of this College,” and in 1843 the degree of Master of Arts “in course.”


LARUE, ALEXANDER WARREN, A.B., A.M., 1845; pastor Flem­ingsburg 1842-1849; assoc. ed. Baptist Banner 1849-1853; pastor Harrodsburg, 1853-1856; Georgetown, 1856-1859; Stanford, 1859-1863; Salem, 1863-1864; born LaRue County, January 23, 1819; died September 11, 1864

MILLIKIN, JOHN J., Scientific Diploma, minister, Kentucky; died

THURMAN, ROBERT LIVINGSTON, A.B., A.M., 1845; pastor Elizabethtown, 1843-1850; agent Indian Missions and assoc. ed. Baptist Banner 1850-1851; agent Georgetown College. 1851-1855; pastor Austin, Texas, 1855; agent Foreign Mission Board, 1855-1861 and 1868-1894; Superintendent Executive Board General Assoc., 1861-1868; born Washington County, November 19, 1815; died July, 1894


BURCH, WILLIAM R., A.B., A.M., 1848; farmer, Georgetown; died

GARDNER, WILLIAM W., A.B., A.M., 1847; D.D. Union University, 1870; Georgetown College, 1872; pastor Shelbyville, 1844-1847; Mason County, 1847-1857; Russellville, 1857-1869; Prof. Theology and Bible, Bethel College 1857-1880; pastor Glasgow; pastor Bardstown, 1885-; author Church Communion, Missels of Truth, etc.; born Barren County, October 1, 1818; died

JAMES, JOHN, Scientific Diploma; pastor Flat Lick, Columbia, Hart County; Barren County; Paris, Texas; Missouri; died

JAMES. ROBERT, A.B., A.M., 1848; minister, Kentucky and Mis­souri; died

MACEY, ALEXANDER ROLLA, Scientific Diploma; minister, Kentucky; died

SMITH, WILLIAM LLEWELLYN, A.B., A.M., 1848; lawyer, Georgetown; died


BRADLEY, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, A.B., A.M., 1848; graduated in law, Transylvania University, 1846; soldier, Mexican War; Adjutant General Confederate States of America; member Confederate Congress; State Senate; lawyer, Georgetown; born October 5, 1825; died

ELLIOT, ROMANZO ISRAAL, A.B., minister, Kentucky; died

PETERS, MATTHEW LEONARD, A.B., A.M., 1848, M.D.; Physi­cian, Kentucky; died

POLK, MARCELLUS, A.B., A.M., 1847; lawyer, Missouri; died


BONDTJRANT, ALBERT, A.B., A.M., 1848; Mississippi; died

DAVIS, OLIVER WILSON, A. B., A.M., 1848; Alabama; died

DILLARD, WILLIAM DUDLEY, A.B., A.M., 1848, M.D., Physician, Chicago, Illinois; died

DUDLEY, MAURICE J., A.B., A.M., 1848; lawyer, Covington; died

LEMON, JAMES CAVEL, A.B., A.M., 1848; Merchant; Justice, Georgetown; died

LILLARD, ROBERT RHODES, A.B., A.M., 1848; minister; assoc. ed. Western Baptist Review; born January 10, 1826 in Anderson County; died June 7, 1849

WARDER, JOSEPH WALTER, A.B., A.M., 1850, D.D., graduated Newton Theological Seminary, 1849; pastor Frankfort. Maysville, Lexington, Missouri; Lawrence, Kansas; Kansas City, Missouri; Clinton, Missouri, and Walnut Street, Louisville; born October 13, 1825 in Logan County; died


ALDRIDGE, FRANCIS M., A.B., A.M., 1859; lawyer, Yalobusha County, Mississippi; died

BARNETT, ANDREW, Scientific Diploma; lawyer, Louisville; died

BLEWITT, BENJAMIN TURNER, A.B., A.M., 1850. LL.D.; Professor Georgetown College Academy, 1846-1853; Principle, Bethel High School, Russellville, 1853-1856; Founder and President Bethel College. 1856-1861; President of Bracken Academy, Augusta, 1861-1870; President of Street Louis Female Academy, 1870-1914; born Warren County September 17, 1820; died November 1, 1914

BONDURANT, HORACE, A.B., Natchez, Mississippi; died

CALDWELL, ISAAC, Scientific Diploma; lawyer, Louisville; died 1885

CLEVELAND, BENJAMIN T., A.B., lawyer, Yalobusha County, Mississippi; died

EWING, HENRY QUINCY, A.B., A.M., 1850; lawyer, Russell­ville; died

GARNETT. RICHARD, Scientific Diploma; Glasgow, minister; died

GLOVER, FRANCIS L., A.B., Natchez, Mississippi; died

LEWIS, RICHARD P., A.B., Washington, Kentucky; died

McCLOUD, CONSTANT S., A.B., pastor Starkville, Mississippi; Vicks­burg, Mississippi; Raymond, Mississippi; Jefferson, Texas; Missionary, Louisiana; born Vermont, 1818; died October 17, 1873

PURYEAR, HARDIMON R., Scientific Diploma; Mayfield; died

RICHARDS, JOHN P., A.B., Benton; died

ROBERT, WILLIAM A., A.B., minister; Alexandria, Louisiana; died

ROTH, EDWARD, Scientific Diploma; minister, Frankfort; died

SMITH, THOMAS, JR., A.B., A.M., 1850; graduate Princeton Theology Seminary, 1849; founder and pastor Walnut Street Baptist Church, Louis­ville. 1849-1850: born Henry County, April 1827; died March 6, 1851

SUTTON, JOHN, A.B., M.D., Physician, Midway; died

WIGGINTON, JOHN H., Scientific Diploma, North Middleton; died

WILLIS, BENJAMIN F., Scientific Diploma, Columbia; died


GRAVES, CASWELL JEFFERSON, A.B., M.D., physician, Payne’s Depot; died

PAXTON, WILLIAM EDWARD, A.B., A.M., 1850, D.D., lawyer in Louisiana, 1853-1861; Captain Confederate Army; ordained, 1864; pas­tor Minden, Louisiana; President Shreveport University, 1873; cor. sec. Southern Baptist Public Society, 1877; President Centennial Institute, Warren, Arkansas, 1878-; author Rights of Laymen, Apostolic Church, Faith a Prerequisite to Church Membership, Endless Retribution; born Little Rock, Arkansas, 1825; died

SHERWOOD, GEORGE H., A. B., Alton, Illinois; died

STEVENSON, SAMUEL, Scientific Diploma; minister; estab­lished Arkadelphia Baptist Institute; promoter missions and Sun­day Schools; business, Little Rock, Arkansas; born Philadelphia. Pennsylvania, 1815; died 1878

WALLER, NAPOLEON BONAPARTE, A.B., A.M., 1850; Nicholasville; minister; born March 24, 1826; died August 1, 1855

WILLIAMS, JAMES M., Scientific Diploma; Scott County; minis­ter; died


ASHBURN, JOHN M., A.B., minister; New Castle; died

CLARDY, JOHN D., Scientific Diploma. M.D. University Pennsylvania, 1851; physician, farmer and stock raiser; delegate to Constitu­tional Convention, 1890; State Commissioner to Columbian Exposition, 1893; member 54th and 55th Congress; born August 30, 1828: address, Hopkinsville

GOODALE, HERVEY, Scientific Diploma; minister; mission­ary; born West Royalston. Massachusetts, 1822; died Central Africa, April 18, 1850

GRAY, ROBERT SINGLETON, A.B., farmer, Versailles; died

LEMON, JOSEPH F. M., A.B., lawyer; Georgetown; died

LONG, SILAS NOEL, Scientific Diploma; farmer; Scott County; born January 11, 1828; died October 31, 1856

MARTIN, LEWIS H., A.B., farmer; Lexington; died

PEAK, MILTON N., Scientific Diploma; farmer; Georgetown; died

POWELL, JOHN, A.B., minister; Nashville, Tennessee; died

SCOTT, PERIANDER C., A.B., A.M., 1851; minister; Boone County; died April 3, 1852

SELBY, JAMES, A.B., M.D., physician; Augusta; died

THOMAS, BENJAMIN F., Scientific Diploma; minister; Aull­ville, Missouri; died


BAKER, ROBERT H., A.B., A.M., 1852; Princeton; died

CARTER, CHARLES S., Scientific Diploma; Burlington; minis­ter; died

FREEMAN, DANDRIDGE, C., A.B.; lawyer; Austin City, Texas; died 1896.

FRENCH, CHARLES STEPHEN, A.B., lawyer; judge Court Common Pleas, Winchester; died

GUTHRIE, JAMES, JR., A.B., lawyer; Louisville; died

GARDNER, JOHN J., A.B., A.M., 1852; teacher; Kentucky; died

HALL, MICHAEL T., A.B., Merchant; Kentucky; died

HUNT, GEORGE, A.B., A.M., 1852, D.D.; pastor Maysville, 1856-1858; Professor Theology, Georgetown College, 1858-1861; pastor Stamp­ing Ground, 1858-1862; President Bethel College, 1862-1864; pastor Bethel and Salem Churches, 1864-1867; Bowling Green. 1867-1869; Lexington, 1869-1873; Versailles, 1873-85; Kansas City, Missouri, 1885; born June 9, 1831; died August 28, 1893

KING, CLARKE, A.B., A.M., 1852; minister; Illinois; died

OWEN, EDWIN IORWERTH, A. B., A.M., 1852, LL.D., William Jewell College, 1859; pastor, Kentucky; Western, Missouri, 1858-1859; Professor Ancient Languages William Jewell College, 1859-1863, and President, 1863-1867; born Wales, 1825; died 1867

STAUGHTON, JOHN M. L., A.B., A.M., 1853; engineer; Cincinnati, Ohio; died

TIILFORD, HARRISON H., A.B., minister; Waxahachl, Texas, died


ARMSTRONG, C. E. B., A.B., A.M., 1853; minister; Tremont, Ohio; died

GIBSON, WILLIAM, A.B., Metagorda, Texas; died

GRAY, JAMES H., A.B., professor; Bethel College; died

HARRIS, ROBERT B., A.B., Vicksburg, Mississippi; died

TYLER. WILLIAM C., A.B., insurance; Louisville; died


JENKINS, RICHARD H., A.B., A.M., 1855; farmer; Missouri; died

SCOTT, PRESTON B., A.B., M.D., physician; Louisville; died

TAYLOR, BROOKING T., A.B., pastor; Columbia, 1851-1855; New Castle, 1855-1857; Owensboro, 1860-1862; Henderson County 1862-67; Missouri, 1868; Smithland; died


BARTHELEMY, E. C., Scientific Diploma; Donaldsville, Louisiana; died

GRAY, SAMUEL, A.B., A.M., 1855, LL.B. Transylvania, 1857; teacher two years; lawyer, Versailles, 1861; Bardstown; County Judge Nelson County; 1870-81; died 1881

HELM, JOHN N., A.B., M.D., physician; Adams County, Mississippi; died

HOLLIS, JESSE A., A.B., A.M., 1855; pastor; Mississippi; 1852-1854; president Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri, 1865-1870; born South Carolina, 1824; died 1870

HUGHES, JAMES E., A.B., A.M., 1855; minister; Fayette, Missouri; died

JACOBS. WILLIAM P., A.B., Georgetown; lawyer; died

OTIS, JOSEPH. JR., A.B., A.M., 1855; editor; Illinois; died

WILLIAMS, JOHN T., A.B., A.M., 1855, D.D., minister; Chilli­cothe, Missouri; died


BELL, JOHN ALDRIDGE, A.B., A.M., 1856, teacher; Oxford, 1853-54; Salvisa, 1854-1855; Georgetown Academy, 1855-56; editor Georgetown Gazette, 1856; post master, Georgetown, 1861-1867; editor Georgetown Times, 1867-1914; represented Scott County in Legislature, 1871-1872; director Farmers Bank; died January 21, 1914

BOWDEN, GEORGE F., A.B., Henderson; minister; died

BURNAM, BENNETT, A.B., A.M., 1856, Lawyer; Bowling Green; died

CARTER, JOHN H., A.B., Burlington; minister; died

DAVIS, JOHN T., Scientific Diploma; teacher; Missouri; died

DAVIS, RICHARD W., A.B., A.M., 1856, Shelbyville; lawyer; died

GRAVES, F. L., A.B., Fayette County; farmer; died

LINK, J. B., A.B., A.M., 1856, D.D., graduate Rochester Theological Seminary, 1855; pastor, Liberty, Missouri; agent William Jewell College; chaplain Confederate Army; agent Home Mission Board, Texas; editor Texas Baptist Herald, 1866-; vice presi­dent Southern Baptist Convention; born Rockbridge County Virginia, May 7, 1828; died

MOTHERSHEAD, FABRICIUS McCALLA, A.B., A.M., 1856, M.D., physician; Indianapolis, Indiana; died

MOTHERSHEAD, MOSES THRELKELD, A.B., A.M., 1856, pro­fessor Logic and Belles Letters, Georgetown College, 1853-1858; died

OLIVER, JOHN A., A.B., minister; Carrollton, Mississippi; died

ROBINSON, JAMES FISHER, JR., A.B., Adjutant General, 1863-1865; proprietor Phoenix Hotel, Lexington; died

SMITH, A. B., A.B., A.M., 1856, minister; principal Georgetown College Academy, 1852-1853; McHenry, Kentucky; died

STJGG, CYRUS A., A.B., farmer; Robertson County Tennessee; died

WOOD, JOHN A., A.B., lawyer; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; died


BELL, C. D., A.B., farmer; Hopkinsville; died

LONG, SPENCER CURD, A.B., merchant and banker; president Deposit Bank, Russellville; treasurer Bethel College; real estate business, Georgetown; died 1899

RUCKER, JAMES JEFFERSON, A.B., A.M., 1857, LL.D., Richmond College; student Howard College (Missouri); student Chicago University; president Old Seminary, 1868-1892; professor Mathematics Georgetown College, 1854-1908; emeritus, 1908-1910; born Randolph County Missouri, January 27, 1828; died August 22, 1910

PITTS. SAMUEL YOUNGER, Scientific Diploma; farmer, 1854-1856; minister; Missouri, 1856-1901; pastor and secretary, Pensacola, Florida.; born Randolph County Missouri, October 14, 1833; died September 10, 1915

THARP, JOSEPH B., A. B., A. M., 1857; minister; Shelbyvllle; died October 7, 1911


ADAMS, JOSEPH M., A.B., A.M., 1858; lawyer; Fort Worth, Tex.; died

ARD, JACOB A., A.B., A.M., 1858; instructor; Georgetown College Academy, 1866-1868; Canton, Mississippi; died

CALMES, HENRY, Scientific Diploma; farmer; Winchester; died

CHENAULT, W. 0., A.B., farmer; address Richmond HARCOURT, ASHTON P., Scientific Diploma; lawyer; Louis­ville; died

ISBELL, ERASMUS DARWIN, A.B., A.M., 1858, minister; Schell City, Missouri; died

LONG. SAMUEL WILLIAM, Scientific Diploma; lawyer; Georgetown; born December 26, 1834; died November 24, 1884

OFFUTT, BENJAMIN ALEXANDER, A.B., Confederate soldier; planter; Greenville, Mississippi born February 15, 1838; died June, 1885 SMITH, CLARK 0., Scientific Diploma; merchant; Louisville; died

STORTS, THOMAS H., A.B., A.M., 1858, minister; Kyle, Texas; died

TEVIS, JAMES, A.B., clerk, Richmond; died

THOMPSON, S. P., A.B., A.M., 1858, minister; Louisville; died


BARTLETT, R. S., Scientific Diploma; Covington; lawyer; died BERRY, J. H., A.B., minister; Youngers, Missouri; died

CLARDY, THOMAS F., Scientific Diploma, M.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1861; Surgeon, Forest’s Cavalry, Confederate States of America; phy­sician; Christian County; born June 29, 1838; died February 26, 1885

DAVIS, W. H., A.R, Christian County; minister; no information

FOREE, JOSEPH, A.B., farmer; address Georgetown

GIVENS, M. C., Scientific Diploma; lawyer; Morganfield; Cir­cuit Judge Webster County; died 1904

GOODMAN, JOHN, A.B., A.M., 1859, M.D., physician; professor medical department University of Louisville; died

JOHNSON, WILLA VILEY, A.B., planter; Arkansas; Confeder­ate soldier; business, Street Louis; rancher, Colorado City, Texas; born March 4, 1837; died 1912.

KEMPER, HENRY CLAY, A.B., farmer; Evergreen, Louisiana; died

KENNEY, NAPOLEON BONAPARTE, Scientific Diploma; farmer, Scott County; born 1836; died 1868

PEAK, FRANKLIN PAYNE, Scientific Diploma; farmer; Grand Lake, Ark.; died

ROSSELL, F. D., A.B., M. D., physician; Fayette County; died

SANFORD, JOHN L., Scientific Diploma; banker; Covington; killed by William Goebel

SHELBY, W. W., A.B., Henderson County; died

STEVENSON, THOMAS JONES, A.B., A.M., 1859; tutor Latin and Greek, Georgetown College, 1857-1861; pastor, Georgetown, 1861-1867; Stanford, 1867-1869; professor Latin, Shelbyville Female College, 1869-1870; pastor, Covington, 1870-1872; Win­chester, 1872-1874; Benson and Stamping Ground, 1814-83; Great Crossing, 1883-1904; Dry Run, 1883-1887; professor Latin (pro tern), Georgetown Female Seminary, 1884-1885; born Fayette County 1883; died 1916

WARD, J. W., A.B., A.M., 1859, minister, Dobbs, Virginia; died

WOOLFOLK, ALEXANDER M., A.B., lawyer; Chicago, Illinois; died


ARMSTRONG, CHARLES D., A.B., author, lawyer; Jeffersonville, Indiana; died

BARNES, J. EUGENE, A.B., A.M., 1860, banker; Covington; died

COMPERE, W. S., Scientific Diploma; teacher and farmer; sol­dier in Confederate Army three years; address Florence, Mississippi

DAVENPORT, C. C., Scientific Diploma; farmer; Mer Rouge, Louisiana; died March 7, 1913

FERGUSON, JAMES HUGH, A.B., Lieutenant Confederate Army; farmer; Scott County; died July 31, 1871

FREEMAN, JOHN C., A.B. A.M., 1860; minister; farmer; Shelby County; died

GANO, ROBERT EWING, A.B., M.D., Jefferson College of Medi­cine, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; physician; Scott County; died 1903

GRAVES, J. H., A.B., lawyer; Jackson, Mississippi

KEENE, ROBERT WILSON, Scientific Diploma, M.D., Jefferson College of Medicine, Philadelphia, Pennsylviana, 1861; surgeon Con­federate Army; physician, Georgetown; died January 27. 1898

PEAK, JEFFERSON PAYNE, Scientific Diploma; farmer; ad­dress, Lake Hall, Arkansas

PHELPS, THOMAS, Scientific Diploma; farmer; Richmond; died

WRENN, GEORGE L., A.B., A.M., 1860; insurance; Chicago, Illinois; died October, 1909


ANDERSON, H. H., Scientific Diploma; Oxford; farmer; died ARTHUR, JOHN C., A.B., A.M., 1861; lawyer; Nansemond County, Virginia.; Confederate soldier; killed in Civil War

BRIDGEFORTH, WILLIAM M., Scientific Diploma; farmer, Mt. Sterling; died November 1, 1911

CANTRILL, JAMES EDWARD, A.B., Captain Confederate States of America; lawyer; Lieutenant Governor, 1880-1884; Circuit Judge, 1887-1903; Judge Court of Appeals, 1903-1905; Georgetown; born January 20, 1839; died April 8, 1907

COOK, JOSHUA F., A.B., A.M., 1861, LL.D., minister; president LaGrange College, Webb City, Missouri, 1866-1912; born Shelby County 1837; died May 21, 1912

CRUMBAUGH, DAVID B., Scientific Diploma; mechanic, Augusta; died July 9, 1909

DANIEL, CHARLES T., A.B., minister; Rockport, Indiana; died

HICKS, HARRIS H., Scientific Diploma; teacher, Midway; died

HUNT, GEORGE D., A.B., teacher; principal City School, Lexington; died

JONES, W. C., A.B., AM., 1865, course at Southern Baptist Theo­logical Seminary; minister and capitalist, Louisville; died 1913

OFFUTT, WILLIAM HENRY, Scientific Diploma; planter; Greenville, Mississippi; born March 21, 1840; died November, 1871

PEAK, JOHN LEE, A.B., LL.D., 1905, LL.B., Louisville Law School, 1860, lawyer; U. S. Minister to Switzerland, 1895-1896; Kansas City, Missouri died 1911 PEARCE, B. F., Scientific Diploma; Franklin Parish, Louisiana; died

PITTS, JOHN YOUNGER, A.B., farmer; Scott County; killed in Confederate Army

PRATT, ALFRED, A.B., farmer and lawyer; Indiana; member of Indiana Legislature; Silver Lake, Kansas; no informa­tion

RAY, HENRY, A.B., pastor; Maysville, 1858-1860; Bowling Green, 1866-1866; born Mississippi; died May, 1866

REID, RICHARD, A.B., A.M., 1861, lawyer; Mt. Sterling; Judge Superior Court, State of Kentucky; author “History of Mont­gomery County; died 1885

VARDEN, GEORGE, A.B., A.M., 1861. Ph.D. Georgetown College, 1867, D.D., Georgetown College, 1872, LL.D., pastor; Paris; Mayslick; Falmouth Scholar and writer; author critical re­views; trustee Georgetown College, 1866-1886; born in Norfolk County England, December 9, 1830; died Lexington, Kentucky, May, 1917

VOORHEIS, CHARLES HOWARD, A.B., graduate Heidelberg University, Germany; lieutenant Confederate Army; banker, Lexington; died October 12, 1903

WARD, JOHN QUINCY A., Scientific Diploma; lawyer; Paris; County Attorney four years; member Legislature, 1873-1874; Judge Superior Court of Kentucky; born Scott County 1838; died June, 1899

WHEAT, HENRY CLAY, A.B., M.D., physician; Paris; died WOOD, W. T., A.B., A.M., Bethel College, 1865, pastor; Perryville, 1862-1885; farmer Boyle County, 1885-; address, 361 North First Street, Danville


CAMPBELL, WILLIAM, Scientific Diploma; farmer; Versailles; no information

COONS, C. E., Scientific Diploma; farmer, Fayette County; died

CRAWFORD, J. M., Scientific Diploma; minister; East Feliciana, Louisiana; died

DARNABY, E. FABRICIUS, A.B., farmer; address, Lexington EWING, J. F., A.B., farmer; Boyle County; Confederate Army, killed in battle

FITZGERALD, J. A., A.B. New Castle; died

FRITH, CHARLES H., A.B., editor; Liberty, Mississippi; died

GODBY, W. B., A.B., A.M., 1862; preacher and evangelist; address, God’s Revivalist Office, Cincinnati, Ohio

GRAY, RICHARD H., A.B., A.M., 1862, preacher and teacher, 1860-1865; farmer 1865-1879; sheriff Woodford County, 1879-1884, 1888-1893; member Legislature, 1887-1888; county clerk, 1893-; clerk Elkhorn Baptist Association, 1898-1901; assistant modera­tor, 1901-; address, Versailles

HATCHER, S., Scientific Diploma; lawyer; Adair County; no infor­mation

HERRINGTON, JOHN A., A.B., Confederate Army; Waco, Texas; died

JENKINS, S. T., A.B., farmer; Cuthbert, Georgia; died 1911

MONTGOMERY, ALEXANDER B., A.B., lawyer; Elizabethtown; Circuit Judge; member U. S. Congress; died

SOUTHWORTH, JAMES WALSH, A.B., M.D., Medical Depart­ment University of New York, 1861; House Surgeon Bellevue Hospital, New York City, 1861-1862; physician Street Louis, Missouri, 1862-1863; physician Glasgow, Missouri, 1864-; address, Glasgow, Missouri

STACKHOUSE, THOMAS CALHOUN, Scientific Diploma, D.D. Carson Newman College, Tennessee, 1907, minister, farmer nec teacher; pastor Columbia, Greensburg, Owensboro, Winchester, Lexington; trustee Southern Baptist Theological Seminary 20 years; address Lexington

STEVENSON, WILLIAM T., A.D., merchant, Covington; died

THOMAS, S. M., Scientific Diploma, M.D., Nelson County; physician; no information

WELCH, WILLIAM G., A.B., A.M., 1865, lawyer; Stanford; died

WITHERSFOON, W., A.B., Andrew Chappel, Tennessee; no inforcna­tion


BENT, J. M., A.B., A.M., 1863, minister; Springfield, Missouri; died

CARPENTER, JAMES T., A.B., farmer and teacher; Confederate Army; Woodford County; died January 7, 1875

CHENAULT, JOSEPH, A.B., Captain in Confederate Army; Madison County; killed in battle

CLAY, JAMES FRANKLIN, A.B., attorney-at-law; Henderson, 1861-; Kentucky Senate, 1872; member United States Con­gress, 1881; address, Henderson

COLEMAN, THOMAS HENRY, A.B., A.M., 1868, pastor; Lincoln County 1860-1864; moderator Southern Kentucky Association, 1864-1867; principal Baptist Female High School, Bardstown, 1868-1871; pastor; Spencer County; Nelson County; clerk Nel­son Association sixteen years; died May 15, 1912

COURTS, RICHARD S., Scientific Diploma; Richland, Mississippi; died

DUDLEY, RICHARD MOBERLEY, A.B., D.D., pastor, East Bap­tist Church, Louisville, 1861-1865; editor “Western Recorder,” 1865-1871; pastor, David’s Fork, 1871-1872; professor History and Political Economy, Georgetown College, 1872-1877; pastor, Georgetown, 1878-1879; chairman faculty Georgetown College, 1879-1880; president Georgetown College, 1880-1893; born Madi­son County September 1, 1838; died January 1893

ELLIS, JOHN WILLIAM, A.D., A.M.. 1863, Ph.D., Chautauqua University, 1888; LL.D., University of Chicago; lawyer and minister; practiced law Street Louis, 1869; ordained 1874; president Plattsburg (Missouri) College, 1880-97; president Cen­tral Christian College, Albany, Missouri, 1900-1902; pastor, Benton­ville, Arkansas, 1902-1910; author Life Mission, 1876; Song of Songs, 1897. etc.; born Carthage, Illinois., December 29, 1839; died 1910

FELIX, WILLIAM HENRY, A.B., D.D., pastor; First Baptist Church. Lexington, 1863-1869; Pilgrim Baptist Church, New York City, 1869-1870; Covlngton Baptist Church, 1870-; David’s Fork; author True Womanhood, etc. born Woodford County, October 6, 1838; died 1912

GRAHAM, J. W., A.B., division superintendent Adams Express Company; superintendent Christian Church Widows’ and Orphans’ Home, 1903-; address, 236 East Jacob Street, Louisville

HAMILTON, E. J., A.B., Confederate Army; merchant; New Or­leans, Louisana; died HARCOURT, D. W., A.B., lawyer; Texas; died

KELLEY, ISAAC W., Scientific Diploma; farmer; Henry County; died

MCGRATH, RICHARD, A.B., farmer; Bryantsville; died

MOSS, JOHN S., A.B., Confederate Army; merchant; Street Louis, Missouri; Woodford County Kentucky; died

NICHOLS, MOSES ECKLES, A.B., farmer; Scott County; born May 13 1841; died March 1, 1908

OFFUTT, MARION, A.B., farmer; Fayette County; died ORR, JOHN A., A.B., farmer; address, Versailles, R.F.D.

PAYNE, HENRY CONYERS, Scientific Diploma; Confederate Soldier; farmer; address Lexington

PENICK, BENJAMIN W., Scientific Diploma; circuit clerk, Greensburg, 24 years; cashier Greensburg Deposit Sank twenty years; attorney at law; address, Greensburg

STONE, T. W., A.B., pastor, Hawesvllle; died 1865

SUTTON, WILLIAM, A.B., M.D., physician; Dallas, Texas; died

THORNBERRY, JAMES WILLIAM, A.B., merchant; Paducali; died

WARFIELD, LLOYD, A.B., farmer; Mississippi; died 1865

YATES, GEORGE R., A.B., lawyer; Scott County; killed in Confed­erate army


BROADDUS, ANDREW, JR., A.B., Luray, Virginia; clerk of County Court; member Legislature; died

DICKEN, E. N., A.B., D.D., minister; Franklin; professor Greek and Latin, Bethel College, 1864-1870; born Campbell County September 26, 1835; died

GARTH, CLAUDE LLEWELLYN, Scientific Diploma; farmer; Georgetown; founder “Garth Fund,” College of Bible, Lexington; born September 9, 1845; died Feborn 3, 1905

GRIFFIN, JOHN R., A.B., A.M., 1875, teacher, Belton, Texas; no information

HOPPER, WILLIAM D., A.B., lawyer and circuit clerk; Lancaster; died

JOHNSON, MADISON CONYERS, A.B., Confederate Army planter; Clinton, Mississippi; born August 16, 1842; died November 24, 1879

KENNEY, CHARLES OSCAR, A.B., farmer; Georgetown; born 1841; died 1915 REID, G. W., Scientific Diploma; farmer; Missouri; no lnformation

​ THOMAS, C. I., Scientific Diploma; minister; Louisville; Arkansas; died

WARREN, WILLIAM HENRY, A. B., (conferred 1874), farmer and insurance; Donerail; born June 9, 1843; died August 1, 1902

WEST, GEORGE E., A.S., farmer; Texas; no information WRIGHT, J. W., Scientific Diploma; farmer; Washington County; no information


BLACK, JAMES C. C., A.B., (conferred 1874), LL.D., Mercer Uni­verslty; Colonel Morgan’s Cavalry, Confederate States of America; member U. S. Congress, 189S-1897; trustee Mercer University; trustee South­ern Baptist Theological Seminary; member Legislature; vice president Bar Association of Georgia; attorney Georgia. Cent. R. R.; address, 520 Green Street, Augusta, Georgia

BRADLEY, JOHN NICHOLAS, A.B., A.M., 1865; instructor George­town College Academy, 1863-1870; tutor, Georgetown College, 1870-1872; professor Latin, 1872-1876; farmer; civil engineer; real estate; author History of Great Crossings Baptist Church, address, Georgetown

CANNON, JESSE, Scientific Diploma; farmer; Vandalia, Missouri; died CLARK, W. E., A.B., Paris, Kentucky; Texas died

FRITTS, WILLIAM HENRY, A.B., Federal soldier; teacher, druggist, Carlisle; U. S. Navy Yard, Portsmouth, Virginia.; born September 11, 1840; died 1913 J

UREY, MILTON M., A.B., Georgetown; Confederate Army, died in Federal prison during the war

LEWIS, JOHN ALEXANDER, A.B., A.M., 1869, Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia, 1868; LL.D. Georgetown College, 1904; Adjutant 9th Kentucky Cavalry Confederate States of America; president Kentucky Medical Society, 1896; trustee Georgetown Ccl­lege, 1875-1908; author Articles and Addresses on Medical/ Subjects; Commander Morgan’s Men; physician; address, Georgetown

LEWIS, WALLER HOLLIDAY, A.B., farmer and breeder; Woodlake; died January 1908

RILEY, J. V., A.B., minister; principal Baptist Female College, Bardstown, 1864-1868 died December 15, 1905

ROBINSON, JOHN MADISON, A.B., Federal soldier; lawyer; Georgetown; died SCOTT, THOMAS W., A.B., Confederate army; trustee George­town College, 1891-1910; fanner, Franklin County; born Franklin County May 26th, 1848; died November 29, 1913


(No graduating class on account of the War.)


BRADLEY. JOHN HENRY, Scientific Diploma, farmer; Scott County; died March 1865

CRAIG, ALBERT GALLATIN, Scientific Diploma, M.D., Cincin­nati Medical College, 1866; house surgeon Cincinnati Hos­pital 1866-1867; physician Ghent 1867-1878; Vevay, Indiana, 1878-1908; trustee Franklin College; died Vevay, Indiana, April 23, 1908

HARDING, JOHN, Scientific Diploma; lawyer and farmer; at­torney L. & N. R. R.; address, Pleasureville


FARMER, OSCAR, Scientific Diploma; merchant; address, 1219 South First Street, Louisville

HARDING, SAMUEL, Scientific Diploma; lawyer and merchant; Danville; died

McRERY, RUSSELL W., A.B., A.M., 1865; tutor Georgetown Col­lege 1865-1866; principal Shelbyville Graded Schools; manu­facturer, 1878-; Frankfort; chairman School Board; vice president National Branch Bank; address, Frankfort

WIGGINTON, ISAAC L., A.B., Bloomfield; teacher; died


BRADLEY, MANLItTS THOMPSON, A.B., bookkeeper; address 406 Lamar Avenue, Fort Worth, Texas

PAYNE, GEORGE VILEY, A.B., LL.B., University of Louisville, 1876; lawyer; Georgetown; county judge; president Farmers’ Bank; treasurer, Georgetown College; born December 12, 1843; died December 19, 1909

RICE, JAMES, A.B., A.M., 1869, minister and teacher; Richmond; no information

THOMPSON, FRANKLIN FARNSWORTH, A.B., Fayette County; born November 6, 1845; died June 25, 1866

THOMPSON, SEATON E., A.B., A.M., 1869, teacher; vice presi­dent Baylor University; address, Waco, Texas, care of Post­master

WEAKLEY, LEONARD A., A.B., lawyer; county judge; Shelbville; died


CRAWFORD, WILLIAM H., Scientific Diploma; clerk; Atlanta, Georgia; died JONES, W. A., A.B., minister; Marion, Alabama; no information

MITCHELL, WILLIAM H., Scientific Diploma; Metcalf County; no information

WILSON, HODGEN, A.B., Texas; no information

WITHERSPOON, ALDRIDGE CHOMEL, Scientific Diploma; lawyer and banker; Lawrenceburg; president Witherspoon National Bank; died August 23, 1909

WITHERSPOON, NEWTON HOLLY, Scientific Diploma, banker; president Bank of Winchester; address Winchester


BLEDSOE, WILLIAM CAREY, A.B., D.D., Howard College, 1890, minister; secretary Alabama State Board of Missions; Con­federate Army; Grand Chaplain, Grand Lodge of Masons of Alabama 41 years; author History of East Liberty Baptist Association; address, LaFayette, Alabama

DICKEN, CHARLES WILLIAM, A.B., A.M., graduate Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; pastor. Kentucky to 1891; Missouri, 1891-1905 Roswell, New Mexico; died June 28, 1913

GLASS, WILLIAM H., Scientific Diploma; merchant; Nashville; farmer; Franklin, Tennesse; died 1916

HOWARD, CHARLES, Scientific Diploma, Texas; no informa­tton

JACKSON, A. C., A.B., tutor, Georgetown College, 1868-1810; teacher; Greensboro, Georgia; died

SPARKS, O. W., A.B., Sandersviile; no information

THRELKELD, THOMAS B., A.B., A.M., 1871, principal Threlkeld Select School, Nicholasvilie, 26 years; address, Nicholasviile

THRELKELD, WILLIAM LOGAN, A.B., A.M., 1871; principal Shelbyville High School; principal Classical Academy, Lex­ington; Instructor Latin, Greek and English, Kentucky Uni­versity and Transylvania College; founder and secretary-treasurer Security Trust Company Lexington; cashier Lexington Banking and Trust Company; secretary and treasurer Phoenix and Third Trust Company; president Lexington Clearing Associa­tion; chairman Committee on Jurisprudence of Kentucky Bankers Association; president Chamber Commerce, Lexington; president Kentucky Chautauqua Association; trustee Centre College; chairman Park Commission, Lexington; colonel on Governor’s Staff, Kentucky; address, Lexington

WISDOM, J. W., Scientific Diploma; Metcalf County; no information


BIGGS, J. D., A.B., A.M., 1872, minister; address, Odessa, Missouri

BUCK, CHARLES WILLIAM, Scientific Diploma, LL.D., Ken­tucky University, 1871; lawyer, Street Louis, 1871; Mississippi, 1871-1874; Louisville, 1874-1879; Woodford County, 1880-1884; U. S. Minister to Peru, 1885-89; author Under the Sun; address, 1466 Street James Court, Louisville

CASE, DAVID WILLIAM, A.B., minister and teacher; address, 140 N. Ashland Avenue, Lexington

LEWIS, CHARLES CADWALLADER, Scientific Diploma; M.D. Louisville Medical College, 1873; physician; Scott County; Owensboro; died August 30, 1903

WARE, LON V., A.B., A.M., 1872, treasurer Pettis County Missouri; book­keeper; address, Sedalia, Missouri

WITHERSPOON, LISTER, Scientific Diploma; farmer; president Bank of Woodford; president Lexington Roller Mills Company; address, Versailles


DOSS, EPHRAIM J,. A.B.. A.M., 1874, superintendent school, Shelby County 1884-1888; cashier Peoples Bank of Bagdad, 1888-90; county clerk, 1890-1906; State bank examiner 1912-; address, 527 1st Street, Shelbyville

HOGAN, SAMUEL P., A.B., Fayette County; minister; died

ISBELL, HARVEY W., A.B., editor; Schell City, Missouri; no infor­mation

JOLLY, WILLIAM T., A.B., A.M., 1874, minister, Richmond. Virginia; died

WEBBER, THOMAS EDWARD. AR. lawyer; address 514 Wal­nut Street. Texarkana, Arkansas


BEESON, ISAAC RICHARD MARION, A.B., minister; Morrllton, Ark.; born September 27, 1842; died December 3, 1915

DAVIDSON, AUGUSTUS CLEVELAND, A.B., A.M., 1874, D.D., Howard College, 1886; LL.D., Howard College, 1904; pastor, Kentucky, Indiana and Alabama, 1871-1893; president George­town College, 1893-1898; pastor, Alabama, Kentucky and Ten­nessee. 1898-; address, Livingston, Alabama

FELIX, JOSEPH SAMUEL, A.B., A.M., 1874, D.D., Bethel College; student Crozier Theological Seminary; pastor, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina and Louisiana, 1872-1903; vice president Georgetown College, 1884-1885; born Woodtord County April 19, 1851; died December 15, 1903

FROST, JAMES MARION, JR., A.B., A.M., 1874, D.D., LL.D., Bay­lor Univeristy; LL.D. Georgetown College, 1912; pastor Maysville, Lexington, Staunton, Virginia, Richmond, Virginia, Selma, Alabama, Nash­yule, Tennesse; Cars. Sec’y and Pres. Baptist Sunday School Board, Southern Baptist Convention; author Pedobaptism; The Moral Dignity of Baptism; The Memorial Supper; Our Church Life; The School of the Church; Evangelism and Baptism; born Georgetown, February 10, 1848; died October 30, 1916

JOHNSON, HENRY VILEY, A.B., LL.B. Kentucky University, 1873; lawyer, county attorney, Scott County 1876-1885; U.S. District Attorney. Colorado, 1893-1897; Mayor Denver, Colorado, 1899-1901; county Judge 1904-1905; address 1038 Pennsylvania Avenue, Denver, Colorado

NUCHOLS, GEORGE WATKINS, A.B., salesman, address Green­wood Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee

NUNNELLEY, JAMES KIRTLEY, A.B., A.M., 1874, graduated Crozier Theological Seminary; pastor Davids Pork, Sharpsburg, 1873-1888, Bartlow. Florida, 1889-1890; trustee Georgetown College, 1882-1909; Recording and Statistical Secretary of the General Association of Baptists in Kentucky, 1895-1908; born Randolph County Missouri, November 13, 1845; died January 10. 1911

ROBINSON, MATTHEW, J., Scientific Diploma, farmer; address 911 B. 14th Street, Denver, Colorado


CHENAULT, OVERTON H., Proficient; farmer; address 229 S. Ashland Avenue, Lexington

GOBS, JOHN H., A.B., M.D.; physician; address Decatur, Georgia HENTON, JAMES, A.B.; farmer; address, Versailles, Kentucky

HUNTER, WILLIAM, B. S., LL.B. Harvard, 1874; prosecuting at­torney Scott County Missouri, 1876-1882; State Senator, Missouri, 1882-1886; lawyer and real estate agent Benton, Missouri, 1880-; address Benton. Missouri

QUISENBERRY, WALLFR, B.S.; farmer; Winchester; died November 7, 1914

RILEY, MADISON MONROE, A.B., A.M., 1880; student Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1877-1879; D.D. Bethel College, 1892; pastor Mayslick, 1874-1883; Bowling Green, 1883-1892; financial secretary Georgetown College, 1892-1894; president Greenville Woman’s College, South Carolina, 1894-1900; president Brenau College, 1900-1902; address, 94 N. Green Street, Gaines­ville, Georgia

SAMUEL, WILLIAM CRAIG, Proficient; farmer; Lexington; died November, 1898

SCEARCFI, J. C., Proficient; farmer; Shelby County; no informa­tion

THOMPSON, WILLIAM EDWARD, A.B., teacher Woodford and Shelby Counties, 1873-1874; farmer and rancbman, 1874-; address Holtville, California


BRADLEY, MATTHEW SANDERS, B.S., LL.B., Washington and Lee University; lawyer, Chicago, Illinois, and Georgetown; ad­dress, Georgetown

COFFMAN, WILLIAM HENRY, B.S., M.D., Central University, Louisville, 1876; health officer Scott County; 1878-1880; physician, 1876-; address, Georgetown

GREENWELL, H. J., A.B., A.M., 1886; teacher; died Kansas City, Missouri, 1913

HARTFORD, P. T., A.B., A.M., 1876; editor, Vevay, Indiana; died ROBINSON, P. E., B.S.; address, 911 East 14th Street, Denver, Colorado

ROBINSON W. E., B.S. Georgetown; died

ROGERS, W. C., B.S.; farmer and banker, Lebanon; president Marion and National Bank; address Lebanon

SEBREE, J. C. B., A.B.; lawyer; address, Georgetown

WEST, CLARKE ALBERT, B.S., M.D., physician; Lexington; born January 21, 1855; died January 3, 1899


ALLEN, HENRY B., A.B.; minister, Grangeville, Louisiana; no infor­mation

BOW, JONATHAN GAINES, A.B., D.D., Bethel College, 1892; min­ister: corresponding secretary Kentucky Baptist Missions, 1900-1907; business manager Baptist Book Concern 1907-1909; pastor Cavalry Church, Louisville, 1909-1915: flnancial secretary Kentucky Baptist Children’s Home. 1915-; author What Baptists Believe and Why they Believe It, 1898, Whole Truth on Baptism, 1896, Jessie, Allen, 1916; address, 1321 Morton Avenue, Louisville

BUTLER, JAMES HENRY, A.B., student Southern Baptists Theological Seminary; pastor Tennessee, Indiana, Virginia and Kentucky; address 910 North Main Street, Henderson

CAMPBELL, DUNCAN ROBERTSON, JR., A.B., LL.B. University Vir­ginia; lawyer, Covington; died 1879

DALE, W. B., B.S.; merchant, Louisville; no information

HARRIS, WILLIAM, Proficient, D.D., William Jewell College, 1882; pastor Street Joseph, Missouri; Street Louis, Missouri; Baltimore, Maryland; Montgomery, Alabama; died December 26, 1891

MANLY, BASIL R., A.B., A.M., 1880; teacher; instructor George­town College, 1877-1879; died

OWENS. JEAL A., A.B.; minister; died Mobile, Alabama, 1878

PORTER, CHILTON SCOTT, A.B., Ph.G., Cincinnati College of Pharmacy, 1877; druggist Eminence, 1877-1888; Somerset, 1888-1908; president Druggists’ Association, 1881; State drug Inspector, 1909-; address 430 East Maxwell Street, Lexington


BAGBY, D. Y., A.B.; minister and writer; Greenville, Texas author Bible Baptism, 1888 Rome in Prophecy, 1893; Where is the House of Happiness? 1901; died

BRADLEY, VICTOR FLOURNOY, A.B., LL.B., Washington and Lee UniversIty, 1877; lawyer, Georgetown; born August 1854; died February 28, 1908

BOOTH, JOSEPH AUGUSTUS, A.B., D.D., ib., 1900; trustee, ib., 1898-1914; minister; address, Lexington

CALDWELL, JAMES GUTRRIE, B.S.; president Birmingham Roller Mill Company 1880-; chairman Board Public Works, Louis­vIlle, 1911-; member Finance Committee Baptist Orphans’ Home; trustee Georgetown College, 1891-1902; trustee Soouthern Baptist Theology Seminary; address, 1269 1st Street, Louisville COOPER, SAMUEL, B.S.; farmer, Georgetown; no information

FROMAN, J. H., B.S.; lawyer and farmer, Ghent

OFFUTT, ALFRED M., B.S.; tobacco dealer, Louisville, 1888-96; real estate, 1905-; address, Corbin

ROGERS, ABNER OLDHAM, A.B., A.M., 1876; teacher Latin and French Daughters College, Harrodsburg; 1880-1881; principal Male Academy, Stanford, 1881-1887; teacher Latin and Mathe­matics, Liberty College, Glasgow, 1893-1895; Superintendent, Bryan Normal Institute, Pembroke, Georgia, 1914-; address, Lexington

SPEARS, JACOB, B.S.; insurance; Dallas, Texas; died

STOUT, AMOS, A.B., Th.B., Southern Baptist Theology Seminary, 1894; m­inster and teacher; professor Mathematics Garrard College, 1889-1892; address, Georgetown


BRISTOW, LOUIS LUNSFORD, B.S., LL.B., University Virginia 1879; lawyer, Cincinnati, 1880-1882; civil engineer and R.R. surveyor, Florida, 1883-1886; real estate speculation in Florida and the West, 1887-1893; city attorney, Georgetown; judge Scott County Court, 1894-1910; supervisor of census for 7th Congressional District, Kentucky, 1916-1911; mining superintendent, 1912-; address, Georgetown

CAMPBELL, JOHN A., A.B.; minister, Albany; died

DANIEL, HENRY THOMAS, A.B.; student Southern Baptist Theology Seminary; pastor, Richmond, 1882-1887; Glasgow, 1887-1889; Paris, 1890-1891; financial secretary, Williamsburg Institute, 1891; born Illinois, July 26, 1861; died September 21, 1891

HAYNES, IRA M., B.S.; traveling salesman; address Owensboro

NIINNELLEY, GILMORE HAYES, B.S.; farmer, 1877-1879; iner­chant, 1879-; trustee Georgetown College, 1909-; address Georgetown

OPTUTT, CHARLES, A.B.; lawyer, Omaha, Nebraska; died

ROBERTS, ROBERT EMLIN, B.S.; lawyer, Georgetown; member Legislature; born 1856; died 1910

STEVENSON, THOMAS FRANKLIN, A.B.; student law, Harvard University; lawyer; Judge District Court, Polk County Iowa, 1885-1889; address, 700 South Ardmore Avenue, Los Angeles, California

VILEY, LELAND PEAK, A.B.; real estate, Kansas City, Missouri; died November 14. 1912


BARNETT, JAMES HARMON, A.B.; superintendent of schools, Shelby County 1887-1896; farmer, 1896-; address, Ottawa

BURGESS, SAMUEL H., Proficient; minister; address, Berry, Kentucky

CARUTHERS, EUGENE S., B.S.; farmer, Shelby County 1877-1879; clerk wholesale dry goods house, Kansas City, Missouri, 1879-1885; clothing merchant, 1885-; address Street Anthony, Idaho

KIRTLEY, EUSEBIUS, Proficient; student Southern Baptist Theology Seminary, 1877-1880; pastor Carrollton, Kentucky, and Vevay, bid.; died November 8, 1883

McDONALD, JOHN HARDING, A.B.; teacher Scottsville High School, Virginia, 1877-1878; professor Keachi College, Louisiana, 1879-1880; died 1880

STOUT, GERMAN BOHANNON, A.B.; farmer Woodford County; member Legislature, 1900; died April, 1900

WALKER, JOHN THOMAS, A.B.; teacher, Owen County 1877-1882, 1884-1890; president Ghent College, 1882-1884; druggist Owenton, 1890-1914; farmer, 1914-; vice president Peoples Bank; ad­dress, Owenton WARE, J. R., A.B.; real estate; Canton, Ohio; no information

WELLS, JAMES MORGAN, A.B., D.D.; pastor, Fort Worth, Texas; died


KNIGHT, WILLIAM W., Proficient; Shelbyville; died

MANLY, GEORGE WHITFIELD, AB., A.M., graduate Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1882; Ph. D., University of Leipsig, 1886; pastor, Aiken, South Carolina, 1882-1883; professor Latin, Wake Forest College, North Carolina, 1886-1890; Denison University, 1891-1894; principal International School of Modern Lan­guages, Berlin, Germany. 1894-1901; author Contradictions in Locke’s Theory of Knowledge; address, Columbia, South Carolina

MANLY, MURRAY B., A.B., teacher; address, Columbia, Missouri

PAYNE, ROMULUS, Proficient; farmer; Scott County; trustee Georgetown College, 1899-1915; magistrate Scott County, 1900-1904; address, Georgetown

ROGERS, JOHN, A.B., farmer; address, Versailles


PRATT, RYLAND DILLARD, A.B., M.D., University of Louisville, 1882; student University of New York; physician. Shelbyville, 1882-1909; died June, 1909

SCEARCE, GEORGE S., A.B., teacher and minister; principal Academy, Shelbyville; pastor, Versailles; died

STEVENSON, EVAN C., B.S., lawyer; mayor, Rockwell City, Iowa; County attorney, Iowa; address, Rockwell City, Iowa

VILEY, WILLA WARREN, A.B., student Eastman Business Col­lege. Pougbkeepsie, New York, 1879-1880; bookkeeper and sales­man; address, 2822 Washington Avenue, Street Louis, Missouri

YAGFJR, ARTHUR, A.B., A.M., 1882; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1884; LL.D., Howard College, 1905; LL.D., Univisity of Peurto Rico, 1917; professor History and Political Science, Georgetown College, 1884-1913; chairman Faculty 1898-1901, 1903-1904, 1907-1908; president, 1908-1913; Governer Puerto Rico. 1918-; address San Juan, Puerto Rico


HOLLOWAY, SPENCER E., B.S., county clerk, Jessamlne Country 1904-; address, Nicholaaville KNIGHT, ROBERT, Proficient; minister; Shelbyville; died WEST, H. R., B.S., minister; Panama; died


ARNSPARGER, CLIFTON, B.S., LL.B., University of Cincinnatii, 1886; lawyer; Paris, 1886-1914; city attorney, 1888-1892; county attorney, 1892-1899; born Newtown, July 17, 1860; died September 1914

FRENCH, WILLIAM HENDLEY, A.M., LL.B. University of Vir­ginia, 1884; principal Georgetown College Academy, 1882-1883; lawyer and farmer, Winchester, 1884-1894; professor English, German and Latin Winchester Female College, 1896-1900; farmer, 1900-1915; author The Talker, 1900; died December 15, 1915

GAINES, THOMAS S., B.S., lawyer; Georgetown; died

McKAY, A. V., B.S., Bardstown; died

MITCHELL, JAMES A., B.S., lawyer, 1886-; president elector Ala­bama, 1912; address, 1st National Bank Building Birmingham, Alabama

RADFORD, J. A., A.B., clerk; 1391 Washington Street, New York, New York; no information


JOHNSON. THOMAS E., A.M., graduate from Louisville Law School, 1884; lawyer; Georgetown; editor of first “Georgetown News”; died

THOMAS, RHODES BURCH, A.M., farmer; president Farmers Bank and Trust Company; trustee Georgetown College, 1895-1913; address, Georgetown

CASTLEMAN, D. E., B.S., graduate Cincinnati Law School; law­yer; Covington address, Erlanger, Kentucky

DUDLEY, RICHARD MOBERLY, B.S., R. R. contractor, New York City, 1888-1898; old Mexico, 1898-1910; banker, El Paso, Texas, 1810-; member Legislature, 1916; address, El Paso, Texas GAINES. J. W., B.S., M.D., physician; 1125 Realtor Building, Kansas City, Missouri; no information

KIRTLEY, JAMES S., A.B., student Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; University of Chicago; D.D., Georgetown College, 1894; pastor Versailles. Street Louis, Missouri, Little Rock. Arkansas, Kansas City, Missouri, Elgin, Illinois, Duluth, Minneapolis; lecturer and writer; author The Young Man and Himself 1901; Twenty-six Days with Jesus, 1906; That Boy of Yours, 1912; address, 5616 Kenwood Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

WILLIAMS, CLAUDE S., A.M., president Kentucky Growers Co­operative Fire Insurance Company 1900-; president Farmers Bank and Trust Company 1906-; farmer; trustee, Georgetown College, 1904-; address, Versailies


BIGSTAFF, THOMAS JONES, B.S., Master of Accounts, Eastman National Business College, Pougbkeepsie, New York, 1885; lawyer and farmer, 1888-; president Traders Deposit Bank, Mt. Sterl­lag; president State Farmers Institute, 1911; writer and lecturer on Agricultural subjects; address, Mt. Sterling

BROWN, DAVID SWIGERT, A.B., merchant; address, Jackson, Mississippi

HOURIGAN, ROBERT RENO, E.S., M.D. University of Louisville, 1889; farmer and Physician; address, Lebanon, Kentucky, R. F. D. No.1 SLAUGHTER J. L. W., Proficient; lawyer; address, Owenton

WHITE, EDWARD WILLIAMS, B.B., A.M. Columbia University, 1898; president Liberty College, 1886-1888; Lynnland Female College, 1888-1895; president Lexington College, Missouri; dean Southwest Baptist College, Boliver, Missouri; president Carson and Newman College, 1917-; address, Jefferson City, Tennessee

WHITEHEAD, L. M., B.S., life insurance, Elizabethtown; no in­formation


OWSLEY, W. J., A.M., merchant, Midway; died

POINTS, DAVID CHRISTIAN, B.S., student law University of Street Louis, Missouri, 1885-86; treasurer Grant County, Kentucky, 1888-1897; lawyer, 1887-1910; head Circlation Department Courier-Journal, 1907-; address, 1851 Osage Avenue, Louisville

RICE, ALBERT SIDNEY, A.M., circuit clerk Owen County; vice president Merchants National Bank, Cincinnati; president Southern National Bank, Louisville; trustee Georgetown College, 1901-1915; died November 21, 1915

THOMAS, JOHN W., B.S., business; address, 689 Townsend Avenue, Detroit, Michigan

WILLIAMS, JOSEPH FRANKLIN, A.B., graduate Southern Baptist Theology Seminary; D.D. Georgetown College, 1888; minister; addresz 1006 Magoffin Avenue, El Paso, Texas


BROWN, ANDERSON CHENAIJLT, A.M., farmer; address Georgetown

BRUNER, JAMES DOWDEN, Proficient. A.B. Franklin College, Indiana, 1888; Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University, 1894; student in Paris and Florence, 1892-1893; Lit. D. Georgetown College, 1917; instructor Latin Georgetown College, 1885-1986; instructor French and German, Franklin College, Indiana, 1887-1889; professor Romance, Languages and Literature, University of Chicago, 1895-1899; University of Illinois, 1893-1895; University of North Carolina, 1901-1909; president Chowan Female College, Murfreesboro, North Carolina, 1909-1915; president Daughters Col­lege, Harrodsburg, 1915-1916; Professor English, Eastern Ken­tucky State Normal, Richmond, 1916-; author The Pistogese Dialect, 1894; Studies in Victor Hugo’s Characters, 1908; editor French texts; member Modern Language Association of America; address, Richmond

CROUCH, J. E., B.S., teacher; address, Glencoe

DAWES, BOURBON A., A.B., student Southern Baptist Theology Seminary, 1888-1889, 1890-1891; D.D., Georgetown College, 1900; pastor Salvisa, 1887-1891; Louisville, 1895-1907; Georgetown, 1907-1917; trustee Georgetown College, 1893-; professor Bible Georgetown College, 1907-1917; author Training in Bible Study, 1912; address, Georgetown

ELLIS CHARLES SPURGEON, B.S., student Southern Baptist Theology Seminary, 1894-1895; teacher Butler, 1886-1888; professor Mathe­matics, LaFayette College, Alabama, 1890-1895; pastor, 1895-; ad­dress Paint Lick

GEORGE, MARY ELIZABETH, (Mrs. H. P. Vories), A.B. (1906); married 1891; address, 401 West 18th Street, Pueblo, Colorado

MOREHEAD, C. G., A.M., merchant; address, Princeton

MORGAN, F. W., Proficient; minister Terrill, Texas; died

QUINN, BENJAMIN TAYLOR, Proficient; farmer; address, Frankfort, R.R. No. 1

REID, C. M., A.M., minister; address 333 North Marguerlta Avenue, Alhambra, California

TICHENOR, EDGAR S., A.M.; professor Science and Mathe­matics, Brownsville Female College, Tennessee; Latin and Ger­man West Kentucky College; professor Latin Mercer University, Georgia; president Walton Cotton Mill Company; address, Monroe, Georgia

WEALTEN, W. H., A.M., superintendent High School, Concorlla. Kansas, 1886-1890; business, 1890-1900; banker, 1900-1908; secre­tary Kentucky Millers Association, 1908-; address, Stanford


COCHRAN. S. D., B.S.; farmer; member Legislature, 1904-1906; address, Lancaster

GAINES, WILLIAM WINSTON, B.S., LL.B. Washington and Lee University, 1891; lawyer, 1891-; address, 424 Capital Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia

GREG, L. H., A.M.; teacher, Oldham County; supt. Shelby County Schools; address, Shelbyville

HOURIGAN, J. T. T., B.S.; farmer; address, Lebanon KENDALL, J. L., B.S.; planter; address, Trenton, Arkansas

WELLS, CLARENCE W., A.B., student law University of Michigan, 1890-1891; U. S. Com. for West Kentucky; lawyer; address. Owensboro


BELL, WILLIAM CON, A.B., student law University of Virginia; judge 13th District; trustee Georgetown College, 1902-1909; trustee State University; lawyer; Harrodsburg; died

CASE, FRANK A., Proficient; student University of Chicago 1892-1895; missionary Nebraska and Kansas, 1888-1892; pastor Princeton, Illinois, 1902; B.Y.P.U. Secretary of Iowa, 1902; pastor Council Bluffs, Iowa, 1914; superintendent City Missions, 1917 address, 1626 11th Street, Des Moines, Iowa

CRAWFORD, B. W., B.S.; graduate Bryan and Stratton Business College, 1889; clerk L. & N. R. R., Louisville, 1889-1892; U.S. War Department, Washington, D. C., 1893-1901; P. 0. inspector, 1901-1909; stenographer, 1907-; address, Washington, D. C., R. No.4

DEAN. EDWIN R., B.S., M.D. Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, 1890; post graduate work Chicago Policlinic, 1899; physician and surgeon; address 323 West Wayne Street, South Bend Indiana

LAVELLE, W. J., A.M., U. S. Int. Rev., Louisville; died January 24, 1916

METCALF, JOHN CALVIN, A.M., graduate Student University at Chicago. 1895 and 1897; A. M. Harvard; Lit. D., Georgetown College, 1912; president Virginia Library Association, 1910-1913 member Archeological Association of America; professor Soule College, Tennessee, 1889-1894; professor Mercer University 1894-1895; professor Georgetown College, 1895-1904; professor of English, Richmond College, 1905-1917; Dean, 1914-1917 Edgar Allen Poe Professor of English, University of Virginia, 1917-; author The English in the South, 1907; George Cary Eggelston, 1908; Literature and the Moral Law, 1909; History English Literature, 1912; History American Literature, 1914; address, Charlottesville, Virginia

MITCHELL, SAMUEL CHILES, A.M.; student University of Virginia 1891-1892; Ph.D. University of Chicago, 1899; LL.D. Georgetown College. 1905; Brown University, 1910; University Cincinnati and Baylor University; professor Latin an French, Georgetown College, 1892-95; Professor History, Richmond College, 1895-1908; Lecturer in History. Brown University, 1908-1909: president University of South Carolina, 1908-1911 president Medical College of Virginia, 1913-1914; president Delaware State College, 1914-; author Social Life of the South address, Newark, Delaware

PENICK, W. C., A.B.; banker; address, Greensburg, Kentucky; died POWERS, J. S., B.S.; minister, Todds Point, Kentucky; died

RIGGS, MILPORD, A.M., Th.D. Southern Baptist Theology Seminary, 1890; D.D. Georgetown College, 1903; pastor Lockland, Ohio; Street Louis, Missouri; Boonville, Missouri; Harrisonville, Missouri; Joplin, Missouri; Coun­cil Bluffs, Iowa; Lexington, Missouri; superintendent Missouri Home for Aged Baptists; address, Ironton, Missouri

TAYLOR, FRANCIS WILLIAMS, A.B., Th.B. Southern Baptist Theology Seminary, 1894; pastor Arkansas, 1889-1891; Third Avenue, Louisville, 1892-1898; Henderson, 1899-1902; evangelist, Missouri. 1903-1914; pastor Excelsior Springs, Missouri, 1915-; author The Broad and Narrow Way (an allegory), 1894; Bible Rules for Amusements, 1905: Bible Baptism, 1908; Church Communion, 1908; address, Excelsior Springs, Missouri

WILLETT, ADONIRAM R., A.B., Ph.D. Ewing College, 1906; pas­tor Vevay, Indiana, 1889-1890; Harrisburg, Illinois, 1893-1897; Cape Girardeon, Missouri, 1897-1899; Stanberry, Missouri, 1899-1904; Baker, Oregon, 1913-; author Bible Doctrine of Holiness, 1894; Growth of the Soul, Baptism and Communion, 1897; address, Baker, Oregon


AMON, J. A., A.M., M.D. Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; physician; address, Lancaster

ARNOLD, JOHN HARRISON, B.S., M.D. Jefferson Medical Col­lege, 1892; resident physician Jefferson Medical College, 1892-1892; surgeon on Pacific Mail Steamship Company 1893-1894; physician and surgeon Versailles, 1894-; address, Versailles

CRABB, WILSON DRANE, A.M., Ph.D. University of Chicago, 1897; lawyer, Louisville; address, Kenyon Building, Louisville

DUDLEY, THOMAS PARKER, A.B., graduate Rochester Theological Bern., 1892; missionary in India, 1892-1900; lecturer and Detacher, 1900-; address Southern Club, Chicago, Illinois

PUCKETT, WILLIAM JUDSON, B.S., minister; author Final Preservation of the Saints; address, Cave City

SCOTT, B. W., Proficient; address, Ludlow, Kentucky YAGER, W. H., B.S.; physician, Worthville; died


BAILEY, HARRY, A. M.; lawyer; city attorney, Cynthiana, 1900-1901; U. S. Stamp Deputy, 1902-1913; Grand Master of Masonic Grand Lodge, 1902; principal Falmouth High School; died January 27, 1913

BEARD, ELLIOTT B., A.M.; lawyer; city attorney of Shelby, 1898; city judge, 1894; master commissioner, 1901; member Legislature, 1908; address, Shelbyville

BRADLEY, JAMES, B.S.; lawyer; city judge; vice president First National Bank; address, Georgetown

GREEN, T. C., B.S., Batron, Arkansas; no information

KERR, HARRY T., B.S.; U. S. engineer, U. S. A., 1890-; address Army Building, 39 Whitehall Street, New York City

MARKS, JOSEPH ERMAN, A.M.; insurance and real estate business, 1900-; address, Georgetown

MITCHELL, WILLIAM EDWARD, A.B., Th.G. Southern Baptist Theology Seminary, 1894; D.D. Georgetown College, 1907; member Baptist State Mission Board, 1904-1914; member Board of Directors Baptist Education Society of Kentucky, 1907-1915; trustee Georgetown College, 1909-1915; pastor Carlisle, 1895-1899; Owenton, 1900-1904; Pembroke, 1904-1912; Adalrviile, 1912-1914; vice president Georgetown College. 1914-; address, Georgetown

MOREHEAD, CHARLES S., A.M.; lawyer; U. S. Int. Rev.; edi­tor; address, Princeton

MYERS, S. H., Proficient; student Southern Baptist Theology Seminary; teacher, 1892-1900; minister, 1901-; address. Vergennes, Vermont PEAK, WILLIAM MOORE, B.S.; farmer; address, Glasgow, Virginia

SPEARS, GEORGE McCALL, B.S.; accountant; scenario writer; author Dear Old Kentucky, 1900; address, 2619 Shelby Street, Dallas, Texas

STEELEY, J. C., A.M.; minister; Williamsburg; died

STEPHENS, WILLIAM BARCLAY, A.M, M.D. Columbia University, 1893; physician; address, 912 Shreve Building, San Francisco, California

STOUT, JOHN W., A.B.; farmer; address, Versailles


CANN, JOHN L., A.M.; graduate Rochester Theological Seminary, 1894; pastor Potsdam, New York, 1894-1907; Three Rivers, 1907-1909; Palmyra, 1909-; address, 25 Jackson Street, Palmyra, New York

CAYWOOD, MARION HAMILTON, B. S.; superintendent of schools, Oklahoma, 1909-1913; instructor Murray State Normal, 1913-1917; address, Hotel Smith, Tishomlugo, Oklahoma

MCMURTRY, J. H., A.B.; teacher; business; address, Nicholas­ville

POINTS, WILLIAM WALTER, B.S., LL.B. University of Louis­ville, 1893; county attorney, Grant County 1897-1901; lawyer Williamstown, 1893-1903; Pineville, 1903-; address, Pine­ville

WILCOXSON, LOUIS N., A.B.; teacher Stamping Ground, 1891-1892; merchant Christiansburg, 1893-1896; salesman, Melbourne, 1896-1899; Insurance, Covington, 1899-1902; teacher Philippine Islands, 1908-1913; teacher Shelby County Kentucky, 1913-1914; clerical work Shelby County 1914-; address, 1137 West Main Street, Shelby­ville


AULICK, H. P., A.B.; graduate Rochester Theological Seminary, 1895; minis­ter, Falmouth; died

HUMPHREYS, JOHN STROTHER, A.M., A.B., Harvard, 1893; A.M. ib., 1894; graduate student University of Chicago, 1898-1899; teacher High School, Louisville, 1895-1898; Oxford School, Chicago, 1900-1901; professor Howard Payne College. 1901-1913; chairman of faculty and acting president ib., 1908-1910; president ib. 1911-1913; president Burleson College, 1913-1917; address Greenville, Texas

JUDY, J. A., Proficient; lawyer and farmer; address, Mt. Sterl­ing

LAWSON, DAVID MIDDLETON, AM, M.D. University of Louisville, 1899; M.D. University of Pennsylvania, 1903; teacher Shelby County Kentucky, 1892-1897; physician Birmingham, Alabama, 1900-1906; Nowata, Oklahoma, 1907-; address, Nowata, Oklahoma

SHOUSE, HENRY MESSICK, B.S.; student Southern Baptist Theology Seminary; B.D. University of Chicago, 1899; principal Laurel Baptist Seminary, 1902-1913; teacher Danville, 1912-1913; farmer preacher, 1910-; address, Parksville, R.R. No. 1

SPRATT, S. E., Proficient; graduate Smith’s Business College, Lexington; student Kentucky School of Medicine, 1397-1900; pension examiner, surveyor, 1892-1897; physician, 1900-; address Mt. Sterling

THACKER, JAMES W., Proficient; merchant and farmer; president Kentucky Retail Grocers’ Association, 1912-13; trustee Georgetown College, 1908-; vice president Georgetown National Bank; address, Georgetown


BELL, HOWARD K., B.S., B.C.E. Kentucky State University, 1904; farmer Midway, 1893-1902; manager Lexington Water Works, 1906-1910; Contractor, Lexington, 1902-; address, 372 Transylvania Park, Lexington

BELL, RICHARD B., B.S., LL.B. Centre College, 1895; lawyer, Harrodsburg, 1895-1899; Louisville, 1899-1903; San Francisco, California, 1903-1906; Berkley, California, 1906-; address, 2928 Forest Avenue, Claremont Court, Berkley, California

CAPERTON, LENA J. (Mrs. Guy Moreman Fenley), B.S., teacher; married March 3, 1896; address, Valley Station, Kentucky

DUVALL, THOMAS JEFFERSON, B.S., student Southern Baptist Theology Seminary, 1893-1895; pastor and evangelist; author Better Than Divorce, 1914; address, Norton, Kansas

FREEMAN, THOMAS WILLMOTT, A.B., B.M.E. University of Kentucky, 1906; instructor Medianical Engineering University of Kentucky, 1804-1805; mechanical draftsman and designer Wiles Tool Works Company Hamilton, Ohio, 1909-1911; instructor mechanical drawing Ohio Mechanics Institution, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1911-1912; in­structor manual training city schools, Nashville, Tennessee, 1912-1917; farmer, Midway, 1917-; address, Midway, R. R. No. 1

HUMPHREY, THOMAS ELLISON, A.B.; principal high school, Navasota, Texas, 1895-1898; lawyer, Camae, Texas, 1899-1901; Huntsville, 1901-; mayor Huntsville, 1916-; address, 1420 14th Street, Huntsville, Texas

HUNTER, BETTIE IRENE (Mrs. D. M. Lawson), B.S.; teacher Acad. G. C.; married, 1899; address, 506 East Osage Street, Nowata, Oklahoma

JAMES, J. ELIZABETH (Mrs. R. T. Coghlll), Proficient; teacher; address, Georgetown

LEE, LUTHER BOLTON, B.S.; teacher, Franklin County; preacher and farmer, Casey County; address, Waynesburg, Pennsylvania R. R. No. 4

MOORE, ANNIE ELIZA (Mrs. Alex L. Hnggazd), B.S.; address, Georgetown

MOORE, HOPKINS, B.S.; editor; farmer; address, Georgetown

ROBINSON, BETTIE M., A.B.; student University of Tennessee; teacher English, Latin, Buchanan Collegiate Institution 1899-1902; teacher English and Latin Somerset High School, 1902-1905; Lancaster High School. 1905-1907; Russell Creek Academy 1907-1910; Lancaster High School, 1910-; address, Campbells­ville

SAXON, JESSE WALTON, B.S.; teacher and school superintend­ent Texas, 1893-1907; county Supertendent schools, Brazaria County, Texas, 1898-1902; clerk and engineer Treasury Deptartment, Washing­ton, D. C., 1907-1916; address, Kensington, Missouri

SHIPP, J. H., B.S.; teacher Owen County, 1893-1898; farmer, 1898-; address, Owenton

SHIPP, HENRY REUBEN, B.S., student University of Chicago and University of Tennesse; teacher and Supertendent Graded and High Schools; address, Hodgenville S

TEVENSON, JOHN M., A.B.; lawyer; trustee Georgetown Col­lege, 1902-; address, Winchester

WITHERSPOON, SUSAN WILLARD, B.S.; address, Lawrenceburg


BAILEY, JOHN ARCHELAUS, A.M.; farmer; address, Cynthiana

McMEEKIN, JULIA ROBB (Mrs. Henry C. Markham), B.S.; mar­ried 1900; address, Tucumcari, New Mexico


BURNETT, CLARA W. (Mrs. Thomas R. Smith), Proficient; mar­ried October 20, 1897; address, Shelbyville, R. F. D. No. 6

CALLOWAY, MARY T. (Mrs. Hugh G. Elliott), Proftcient; married December 6, 1897; address, 352 South Pryor Street, Atlanta, Georgia

FINNELL, EVA RUTH (Mrs. N. C. Fisher), Proficient; graduate work in French and German, 1914-1916; married 1898; librarian Georgetown College, 1916-; address, Georgetown

FISHER, NEVILLE CHARLES, A.M.; lawyer, Paris, Kentucky and Street Louis, Missouri; Captain U. S. B., Camp Funston, Kansas, 1917-

FOGLE, DAVID EDGAR, A.M., A.M. Harvard, 1909; student University of Chicago and University Wisconsin; professor Latin French, Georgetown College, 1898-1904; professor German a French, 1904-1915; professor German, 1915-; member Modern Language Association of America; member Federation of Modern Language; fellow of American Geographical Society; member National Geographic Society; address, Georgetown

GABBY, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, A.B.; student University Virginia, 1896-1897; graduate course University of Chicago, 1913 superintendent of city schools, Springfield, 1895-1896; superintendent of city school, Carroliton, 1898-1905; Hickman, 1905-1916; president Hall-Moody Institute, Martin, Tennessee, 1916-1917; address, Martin, Tennessee

GARNETT, FANNIE (Mrs. J. P. Scruggs), A.B.; address, Fred­erlektown, Missouri

HINTON, C. O., B.S.; merchant; address, Paris LANIUS, C. H., B.S.; New Park, Pennsylvania

LOMAX, C. L., A.B., LL.B. University of Mississippi, 1897; lawyer; chairman State Democratic Executive Committee of Mississippi; city attorney, Greenwood, Mississippi; address, Greenwood, Mississippi

MARKHAM, HENRY C., Proficient; merchant; address, 602 Sec­ond Street, Tucumcani, New Mexico

McGEE, JEANETTE ARABELLA (Mrs. Edwin McGee), Profi­cient; married 1900; address, Rushville, Maryland

NAFF, FRANCES A.; Lexington; died NORRIS, JOHN SETON, Proficient; student Southern Baptist Theology Seminary, 1895-1897; pastor Brownsville, Tennessee, 1904-1905; Morgan-field. 1906-1907; farmer, 1908-; address, Henderson

RAY, THOMAS BRONSTON, A.M., Th.M. Baptist Theological Seminary, 1898; D.D. Georgetown College, 1908; pastor Immanuel Baptist Church, Nashville, Tennessee, 1898-1906; Secretary Southern Baptist Foreign Board, Southern Baptist Convention, Richmond, Virginia. 1906-; Highway of Mission Thougnt, 1907; Southern Baptist Foreign Missions, 1910; Brazilian Sketches, 1911; address, Seminary Avenue, Richmond,Virginia

RILEY, SAMUEL GAYLE, A.M., A.B. Princeton University, 1896; A.M. student University of Michigan, 1896-1898; University of Mississippi 1909-1911; Instructor in History, Brenau College. 1899-1903; professor Greek, Union University, Jackson, Tennessee, 1904-1906; professor History, Alabama State Normal School, 1905-1909; Dean Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri, 1909-1911; professor History, Brenau College, 1911-; address, Gainesville, Georgia

SINCLAIR MARY ELIZABETH, (Mrs. Claude S. Pierce), A.B.; Diploma Kindergarten, Greenwood School, 1897-1898; Scott County librarian, 1895-1896; teacher private school, Georgetown, 1897-1900; teacher public school, Paducah, 1900-1903; teacher preparatory department, K. C. B. College, Paris, 1903-06; married April, 1906; teacher Domestic Science and high school, Philippine Islands. 1906-1916; address, Tallulah, Louisiana, by Plantation Bayouby Plantation

STEPHENS, CHARLES JOY, A.M., D.D.S. University of California, 1898; dentist; address, 924 Stanyou Street, San Francisco, California

STEVENSON, MARY EMMA, B.S.; librarian Georgetown College, 1907-1916; address Georgetown

WOOD, JESSIE B. (Mrs. Charles C. Stevenson), B.S.; married June 3, 1897; address, 352 Linden Walk, Lexington


BELL, RUTH STANFORD (Mrs. George N. Branham), A.M. stu­dent University of Chicago, 1897; Georgetown College, 1899-1900; University of Kentucky, 1916; Columbia University. 1916; teacher Latin and Greek, Beaumont College, 1897-1899; Caldwell ­College, 1900-1902; married June 28, 1902; professor Latin Kansas Wesleyan University, 1908-1906; teacher Midway High School, 1914-; address, Midway

CHURCH, FRANK MITCHELL, B.S., LL.B. Columbia University, 1898, LL.M. ib., 1898; lawyer Washington, D. C., 1898-1905; Goldfield, Nevada, 1905-; address, Goldfield, Nevada

COGAR, MAYME DAVENPORT, B.S.; postmistress, 1913-; ad­dress, Midway

COLEMAN, KATIE STONE (Mrs. W. D. Wakefield), B.S.; mar­ried C. B. Hinkle, September 8, 1897; church missionary at Clif­ton Forge, Virginia, 1912-1913; corresponding secretary W. M. University of Kentucky, 1913-1917; married W. D. Wakefield, 1917; address. Shelbyville

DONOVAN, JAMES MAYFIELD, B.S.; teacher Scott County 1897-1910; farmer, 1910-; address, Georgetown, R. R. No. 2

FOGLE, GEORGE PRESTON, B.S., LL.B. University of Michigan, 1899; assistant county attorney Craig County Oklahoma, 1911-1913; lawyer Vinita, Oklahoma, 1913-; address, 443 South Thompson Street, Vinita, Oklahoma

LOGAN. BEVERLY ANDERSON, A.M., student University of Chicago; teacher Henry County 1896-1904; Shelbyville, 1904-1911; grocer Shelbyville, 1911-; member City Council, Shelbyville, 1916; address, Shelbyvllle

MARKS, EMMA PEARL (Mrs. Charles Cohen), B.S.; address, 1389 Glddlngs Road, Cleveland, Ohio NORRIS, EDWARD MILTON, B.S.; principal Graded School, Morrlaville, Maryland, 1896-1898: clerk United States Post Office, Baltimore, Maryland, 1900-: address Parkwood Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland O

ELZE, ETHEL TELITHA (Mrs. H. S. Hills), B.S.; married, 1906; address, Irvine POWERS, FRANK BECKHAM, A.B. University of Tennessee. 1891, M.D. University of Michigan, 1893, A.M. Georgetown College; physician Knoxville, Tennessee, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky and Racine, Wisconsin; born Bath County June 15, 1870; died December 30, 1903

SNYDER, ROBERTA JOHNSON, B.S., Lawrenceburg; no infor­mation

VIRGIN, HERBERT WHITING, A.B., student University of Chicago. Southern Baptist Theology Seminary, D.D. Union University, D.D. Georgetown College, 1908; professor Union University; trustee Southern Baptist Con­vention; pastor Calvary Baptist Church, Roanoke, Virginia; address, Roanoke, Virginia

VORIS, ATWOOD LEE, B.S., principal Burgin Graded School, 1896-1898; bank cashier Middlesboro 1899-1901, Higginsport, Ohio, 1902-1904; business Cincinnati, Ohio, 1906-1913; merchant; ad­dress, Burgin

WALLIS, HALL KELLOGG, A.M.; minister, Boston, Massachutes; no information


BAILEY, ROBIN TALBERT, B.S.; assistant cashier Patterson Sargent Company Chicago, Illinois; address, 2025 Lumber Street, Chi­cago, Illinois

BARHAM, THOMAS EUGENE, B.S.; farmer and merchant; ad­dress, Oak Ridge, Louisiana

BEARD, SAMUEL LOWRY, B.S., M.D. University of Louisville, 1900; physician; address, Shelbyville

CARTINHOUR, NOVELLA HAMILTON, A.M.; banker, George­town, 1897-1900; bond investment business, Chicago, Illinois, 1900-06; auto insurance business, 1906-1916; motor truck dis­tributor for State of Indiana, 1916-; address, 812 East Wash­ington Street, Indianapolis, Indiana

COVINGTON, ROBERT LOWRY, A.B.; banker; address, Hazelhurst, Mississippi

DAVIS, JAMES LESLIE, B.S., M.D. Jefferson College of Medi­cine, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; physician; address, 1701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

FISH, CARLOS ALBERT, B.S., M.D. Sauthern Homeopathic Medical College, Louisville, 1901; student Chicago Romeo­pathic Medical College; resident physician Louisville City Hospital, 1901-1902; member State Board of Health; phy­sician and surgeon; address 205 East Main Street, Frankfort

GAYLE, ALBERT DeLONG, A.B., cashier Farmers Bank, Mid­way, 1898-1902; vice president 1st National Bank, Richmond, Indiana, 1904-1905; president ib., 1905-; president Champion Roller Milling Company 1906-; president Grasmere Land Company 1912-; ad­dress, 204 South 16th Street, Richmond, Indiana

HEFLIN, PAUL, A.B., A.B. Princeton, 1898; lawyer Flemingsburg, 1899-; member Legislature, 1904-1905; examiner fire In­surnance, 1916-; address, Flemingsburg

JAYNE, WILLIAM LeGRAND, A.B.; superintendent schools; address, Ashland

KARR, ELIZABETH BLACKWELL, B.S.; address, Lexington, care D. A. R. Rest Room

KIRTLEY, JAMES ADDISON, B.S.; minister; address, Perry, Florida

MOORE, ETHELBERT PRESTON, A.M., insurance, Georgetown; District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler B.P.0. Elks, 1913 and 1914; address, Georgetown

MOUNTJOY, BEULAH, B.S.; Lawrenceburg; died

PAYNE, WILLIAM JOHNSON, A.M., student Cornell University, 1898-1900; B. M. E. Kentucky State University, 1904-1905; instructor Me­chanical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, 1905-1906; draftsman J. G. Brill County, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1906-1908; salesman Power Plant Specialties Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1908-1909; private ac­countant, cotton plantation, Panther Burn, Mississippi, 1909-; ad­dress, Panther Burn, Mississippi

POINTS, ALLEN HERMAN, B.S.; cashier Salt Lick Deposit Bank, 1901-; member Kentucky Legislature, 1910: address, Salt Lick

POMERENE, MELVIN, B.S., Berlin, Ohio; died

RAMSEY, HUGH WELLINGTON, A. M., Buffalo, Kentucky; died

RICKS, WILLIAM BARRIE, A.M., Canton, Mississippi; died

ROBE, FLORENCE, B.S., student University of Tennessee, 1907; Chicago University, 1915; teacher Latin, History and Music Chikasaw College, Pontotoc, Mississippi, 1899-1900; teacher private school, Patton, Alabama, 1901-1905; teacher Latin, History, Mathematics, High School, Birmingham, Alabama, 1907-1909, 1910-1915; teacher Newport High School, 1915-; address, Helena Station, Kentucky SAMUELS, MAGGIE M. (Mrs. Grant), B.S., Deatsville

SHELBURNE, JAMES MADISON, A.M., Th.M. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1900; L.H.D., Howard College, 1903, D.D. Georgetown College, 1908; trustee Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1913-; pastor East Lake Church, 1900-1909, First Baptist Ohio, Bristol, Virginia, 1909-1913; president Howard College, 1913-; address, Birmingham, Alabama

SMITH, SUSAN RUCKER (Mrs. Jacob S. Smith), B.S.; married 1901; address, 428 North Forest Avenue, Bellingham, Washington

STUART, WILLIAM PENDLETON, A.B.; pastor Paris, Missouri, 1903-1906; Elizabethtown, Kentucky, 1906-1914; Louisville, 1914-1916; Hampton, Virginia, 1916-; address, Hampton, Virginia

THOMSON, ROBERT ANDERSON, A.M., graduate Rochester Theological Seminary, 1897-1900; pastor Washington, 1900-1915; corre­spondent for Pacific Baptist, 1905-1914; missionary work Washington, 1915-; address, Weber, Washington

TODD, EDWARD NEWTON, B.S., LB., A.M., 1901; teacher Lan­caster High School, 1901-1905; engineer, 1905-; address, Paint Lick

WANDLING. JOHN WEIR, B.S., merchant, Louisville; no infor­mation WEATHERS, SUSIE B. (Mrs. Darnaby), B.S.; address, Lexing­ton

WOLFE, ANNIE LEE, B.S., student University of Chicago, University of Cincinnati; teacher Kentucky, 1897-1905; Covington, 1905-1914; Brooks School for Boys, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1914-1915; Cin­cinnati, Ohio, 1915-; address, 115 East 16th Street, Covington


BEAGLE, SAMUEL JOHN, A.B., graduate Milliken School of Phonography, 1899; stenographer, Frankfort, 1899-1901; died July 26, 1901

BRADFORD, WILLIE T. (Mrs. George T. Hambrick), A.B.; mar­ried November 23, 1899; address, Georgetown

BRADLEY, KATHERINE STOUT, A.B., photographer; address, Georgetown

BROOKING, LESLIE JOSEPH, A.B.; farmer, 1899; teacher, 1903; sales manager The Aultman and Taylor Machinery Company 1903-; address, 4233 Montgall Street, Kansas City, Missouri

COLLINS, ROBERT, A.B., Flemingsburg; no information

DAVIDSON, METTlE C. (Mrs. Thomas J. Seale), A.B., student Cincinnati College of Music, 1908-1910; instructor Pollock-­Stephens Institute, Birmingham, Alabama, 1899-1902; married Edgar Jones, 1902; instructor Tennessee College, 1906-1908; George­town College, 1910-1912; Alabama Girls’ Technical Institute, 1913-; married Thomas J. Seale, 1913; address, Livingston, Alabama

DUDLEY, ANNE HENTON (Mrs. W. 0. Shewmaker), A.M., mar­ried 1904; address, 600 South Main Street, Anna, Illinois

GAINES, JOHN STROTHER, A.M., M.D., New York Homeopathic Medical College, 1903; diploma in Laryngology and Rhinol­ogy, College of the New York Optholmic Hospital, 1906; Ex­aminer in Lunacy, New York State, 1910; member medical staff Hahnemann and Flower Hospitals; member health depart­ment City of New York; practicing physician and surgeon New York City, 1905-; address, 200 West 71st Street, New York, New York

MENEFEE, LUCILE GIBSON (Mrs. G. F. Cowan), B.L., student Cincinnati College of Music; Director of Music South Caro­lina School for Blind, Spartansburg, South Carolina, 1898-1901; Mon­tana School for Blind, 1904-1909; married 1909; address, East 1424 Fourteenth Avenue, Spokane, Washington

MILLER, ALICE BEATRICE (Mrs. Alice M. French), B.S.; ad­dress, Carrizozo, New Mexico, Box 146

MOORMAN, SILAR MERGER, A.B., M.D. Cornell, 1908; phy­sician; address, 601 West 180th Street, New York City, New York

NEVINS, WILLIAM MANLIUS, A.B., A.M., ‘99, student Southern Baptist Seminary; pastor Newport and Louisville; treasurer G. C., 1915; author What Church Must I Join, etc.; address, Louisville

PULLIAM, ELIZABETH BLACKWELL (Mrs T. M. Lackey), student University of Chicago, 1903-1907; teacher Latin and Mathematics Woman’s College, Bryan, Texas, 1905-1906, Wash­ington College, Washington, D. C., 1908-1910, Baptist Univer­sity, Shawnee, Oklahoma, 1911-1912; married 1912; address, 1608 West Monroe Street, Phoenix, Arizona.

ROBERTS, PAUL RANKIN, A.M., ticket agent Q. & C. R. R.; ad­dress, Lexington

SNYDER, THORNTON ROWE, A.B., student Law University of Cincinnati, LL.B. University of Missouri, 1901; member Ohio Legislature, 1912-1914; lawyer; address, 1201 Race Street, Cin­cinnati, Ohio

TANDY, ROBERT HILL, A.B., Th.M. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1903; pastor Falmouth, 1899-1901; Florence, Alabama, 1904-1905; Hazelhurst, Mississippi, 1906-1911; Greenville, Kentucky, 1912-1915; field representative Bethel College, 1916; president Bethel College, 1917-; ad­dress, Russellville TAYLOR, JAMES ARTHUR, A. M., pastor Baptist Church, Fulton, Missouri; address, Fulton, Missouri

VANLANDINGHAM, WILLIAM HEARN, A.M., teacher high school, Carrollton, Mississippi, 1898-1899; Marshall County Mississippi, 1899-1900; planter and cotton buyer, 1908-1912; planter and mer­chant, 1912; address, West Point, Mississippi

VORIS, JOHN COOK, A.M., lawyer, Danville and Georgetown; died WARE, EUGENIA (Mrs. Richard Scudder), B.L., address, McKinney

WILLIAMS, GEORGE ALLEN, A.B., lawyer, Lawrenceburg; died June 5, 1911

WITHERSPOON, MARTHA (Mrs. W. R. Sphar), B.S., married 1904; address, Winchester

WORTHINGTON, THOMAS FLOURNOY, B.S., M.D., physician; address, Myrtle Grove, Louisiana

WORTHINGTON, WILLIAM W., B.S., farmer; address, Green­ville, Mississippi


ANDERSON, SCOTT, A.B., minister; address South Park Christian Church, Los Angeles, California

DUDLEY, MARY MOBERLEY (Mrs. W. H. Pittman), B.S., pupil E. Presson Mille, New York, 1907-1908, 1912; teacher Voice Judson College, 1908-1910; Georgetown College, 1912-1913; married 1913; address, 307 East Ederton Street, Raleigh, North Carolina

ELLIOTT, FRANCIS GILL (Mrs. J. E. Martin), B.S., married 1905; address, Jellico, Tennessee

EVANS, JIMMIE A (Mrs. 0. A. Bowles), B.L., teacher rural school, 1902-1906; married 1906; address, Cynthiana

FORD, WILLIAM THOMAS, A.M., teacher English and Mathe­matics, Shelbyville, 1899-1902; principal Fittsburg High School, Texas, 1902-1903; superintendent City Schools, Vinta, Oklahoma, 1903-1907; civil engineer, Miami, Oklahoma, 1907-1909; head Department of Mathematics North East State Normal, Tahlequah, Oklahoma, 1909-1915; Central Normal, 1915-; address, Edmond, Oklahoma

FORWOOD, I. N., B.S., real estate business; address, Crestwood

GAITRER, RICHARD FRANKLIN, A.B., teacher; address, New­port

GARDNER, WILLIAM EMMETT, A.M., M.D. University of Louisville, 1902; assistant physician and superintendent Central State Hospital, 1904-1914; physician Glendale, 1902-1904; assistant physician Lakeland, 1904-1910; medical director Louisville Neuropathic Sanitarium, 1915-; author Pellagra and its Relation to Insanity, 1912; address, 1412 South 6th Street, Louisville

HARRY, JAMES WARNER, A.B., Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University, 1902; LL.B. Baltimore University of Law, 1905; chief probation officer Juvenile Court, Baltimore, 1904-; author History of the Maryland Constitution of 1851; address, Darlington, Maryland HILL,

JOHN LEONARD, A.M., graduate work History, Harvard University summer 1906; A.M. Columbia University, 1912; teacher languages Coeducational College, Bardstown, 1900-1901; English and History, Mt. Sterling High School, 1901-1904; Covington High School, 1904-1906; University School, Louisville, 1906-1909; acting professor History and instructor in English, George­town College, 1909-1912; professor History, Economics and Political Science ib., 1912; dean of the College, 1915-; record­ing and statistical secretary, General Association of Baptist in Kentucky, 1909-; trustee Kentucky Baptist Children’s Home; member Board of Managers Kentucky Y.M.C.A.; member A.H.A., and Fllson Club; author The Glark-Genet Intrigue, 1912; ad­dress, Georgetown

HINTON, ROBERT TAYLOR, A.M., A.B., Yale, 1900; M.A. ib., 1905; M.S. ib., 1906; lumber business Seattle, Washington, 1902-1904; professor Biology and Director of Athletics Georgetown Col­lege, 1906-; president Georgetown Alumni Association, 1912-1917; member Yale Alumni Advisory Council, 1916; address, Georgetown

KELLEY, JAMES YATEMAN, JR., A.M., lawyer Springfield, Illinois, 1901-1915; Charleston, Illinois, 1915-; private secretary Judge Frank K. Dunn of Supreme Court of Illinois, 1915-; address, 905 Harrison Street, Charleston, Illinois

McMEEKIN, NANNIE LESLIE (Mrs. Lewis K. Haggin), B.S., married 1909; address, Lexington, R.R. No. 6 MOORE, CARRIE D. (Mrs. J. H. Lee), B.S., married 1908; ad­dress, Georgetown, R.R. No. 4

MOORMAN, LEWIS JEFFERSON, B.S., M.D. University of Louis­ville; graduate work University of Virginia, 1906, and University of Vienna, Austria, 1909; physician; address, 1409 West 16th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

PARTEE, JAMES QUINTON, A.B., minister, Marshall, Missouri; died

PAYNE, BLUFORD HENRY, A.B., graduated Rochester Theological Seminary; pastor Perry, Ohio, 1902-1906; Marietta, Ohio, 1906-1911; Belle­vue, Kentucky, 1911-1914; Richmond, Ohio, 1915-; editor-various articles for denominational papers; address, Richmond, Ohio

POMERENE, MYRON B., B.S., graduate Hospital College of Medicine, Louisville, 1902; post graduate work Chicago Policlinlc School, 1906-191914; physician and surgeon, 1902-; address, Millersburg, Ohio

RHOTON, ALVIS LEMUEL, A.B.: M.A., Washington University, 1901; student Mathematics and Education, University at Chi­cago. 1902-1905; head Department of Mathematics Union Uni­versity. 1905-1907: Georgetown College, 1907-; address, George­town

SALLEE, WILLIAM EUGENE, A.B.; A.M., graduate Rochester Theological Seminary, 1903; missionary, 1903-; address, Kaifeng, China, Honan Province

SCUDDER, RICHARD SMITH, B.S.; farmer: address, McKinney

SMITH, LYMAN ELLIOTT, A.B.; teacher; Sharpsburg; died

SMITH, MARY T., (Mrs. Hopkins Moore), B. S.; teacher, 1900; married, 1901; address, Georgetown, R.R. No. 4

SPEARS, MARY CHAPMAN, A. B.; student University of Colo­rado, 1915; teacher, Dallas City, Texas; principal Sam Houston School, Dallas, Texas, 1907-; address, 2619 Shelby Street, Dallas, Texas

STEPHENS. JOHN MILLER, A.B.; M.D., physician; address, 210 Post Street, San Francisco, California

TOOMBS, WILLIAM RAY, A.B.; LL.B., Columbia University; lawyer, Greenville, Mississippi; prosecuting attorney, Washing­ton County, Mississippi; special circuit judge 4th judicial district; ad­dress 1401 Washington Avenue, Greenville, Mississippi

WEATHERS, MARTHA, B.S.; addres, Avon


ATWOOD, ELMER B., A.B.; Th.M. Southern Baptist Theologi­cal Seminary, 1904; Th.D. ib. 1911; pastor, Yoakum, Texas, 1905-197; Alpine, Texas, 1907-1910; Highland Park Baptist Church El Paso, Texas, 1911-1912; corresponding secretary Baptist Convention of New Mexico, 1912; editor The Baptist New Mexican, 1912; address, Albuquerque, New Mexcio

BOARD, JESSIE MAY, (Mrs. E. T. Harrison), A.B.; married, 1900; address, 504 1st State Bank Building, Dallas, Texas

BRADEN, CHARLES HARRISON, A.B.; minister; editor North­west Farm and Orchard; address, Spokane, Washington

CONKWRIGHT, PLEASANT JEFFERSON, A.B.; Th.M. South­ern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1903; pastor in Kentucky, 1901-1903; Bristow, Oklahoma, 1903-1906, Yukon, Oklahoma, 1906-1908; Sapulpa, 1908-; address, Sapulpa, Oklahoma

CUNNINGHAM, ADA P. (Mrs. J. A. Haughman), A.B.; teacher, 1900-1906; married, 1906; address, Moreland

HACKLEY, MARGARET A., A.B.; teacher; address, George­town

HARRISON, EDWARD TYLER, A.B.; LL.B., University of Texas, 1903; lawyer; address, 504 1st State Bank Building, Dallas, Texas

HOWERTON, MERIT ALONZO, A.M.; Civil engineer; address, Sulphur, Oklahoma

McCLURE, FRANCES W., (Mrs. E. A. Campbell), B.L.; address, Carlisle

MORGAN, EDGAR L., A.M.; Th.M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1905; principal Laurel Baptist Seminary, London, Kentucky, 1901-1902; missionary in China, 1906-; address, Laichowfu, North China


TAYLOR, MARY ELEANOR, A.B.; diploma Institute of Musical Arts of New York, 1910; student Columbia University, 1910; teacher Voice Buena Vista College, Storm Lake, Iowa; supervisor of Music, Alexandria, Louisania; teacher of Voice, Louisiana State University; address, Maceo, Kentucky

WILLETT, JOHN RICHARD, A.B.; principal high school Crary, North Dakota, 1902-1904; Inkster, North Dakota, 1904-1908; farmer and rancher, Alberta, Canada, 1908-; address, Fertility, Alberta, Canada

WITHERSPOON, FLORENCE R., (Mrs. 3. W. Major), B.S.; ad­dress, Lawrenceburg


ATWOOD, EDWARD LELAND, A.B.; A.M., B.D. Crozler Theo­logical Seminary, 1909; D.D. Union University, 1916; pastor, Jackson, Louisania, 1904-1907; Yoakum, Texas, 1907-1908; Crum Lynn, Pennsylvania, 1908-1910; Brownsville, Tennessee, 1910-1917; Dyersburg, Tennessee, 1917-; author The Christian Doctrine of Sin; address, Dyers­burg, Tennessee

BAGBY, MABEL, (Mrs. E. B. Atwood), A.M.; married, 1903; ad­dress, 737 South Edith Street, Alburqnerqne, New Mexico

BOURNE, J. C., A.B.; merchant; address, Louisville, care of Bourne and Bond Company

BRADLEY, JAMES CRAIG, A.M.; LL.B, Harvard; lawyer; ad­dress, Georgetown

BREWER, SCOTTIE, (Mrs. Emmct Stout), A.B.; teacher, Pleas­ureviile Academy, 1902-03; married, 1915; address, Worthville

BROWNING, WILLIAM HENRY, A.B.; AM., auditor Armour Packing Company, Cincinnati, Ohio; no Information

CRAFFT, FRANK L., A.M.; student Harvard, 1910-1911; instructor Latin and French William Woods College, 1903-1911; Phillips University, 1911-1912; advertising saleaman, Chicago Ex­aminer, 1912-1915; Chicago Daily News, 1913-1915; advertising manager St. Louis Star, St. Louis. Missouri, 1915-; address, St. Louis, Missouri, care of St. Louis Star

CRUMPTON. CLAUDE E., A.M.; A.M., University of Chicago, 1909; instructor English, Alabama Girls Technical Institute, 1901-1903, 1909-1910, head of Department ib. 1912-; teacher of English Woman’s College, Richmond, Virginia, 1904-1905, Judson College, Marion, Alabama, 1905-1906; Normal and Industrial Col­lege for Women, Greensboro, North Carolina, 1910-1912; member Board of Directors of National Council of Teachers of English: address. Montevallo, Alabama

CUNNINGHAM, CARRIE L., B.S.; teacher; address, Danville

DAWSON, JOHN CHARLES, A.B.; A.M., student in Germany and France 1903, and Germany, 1907, University of Caen, France, 1909; principal Scottsboro, Alabama, Baptist Institute, 1901-1903; instructor Modern Languages, University of Alabama, summer 1911; professor Modern Languages Howard College, Birmingham, Alabama, 1903-; address, Birmingham. Alabama, care of Howard College

FITZGERALD, JAMES ANDERSON, A.B.; A.M., University of Chicago, 1907; instructor Marshall College, 1902-1906; pro­fessor History and Economics, and Registrar ib. 1907-1911; Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, 1911-; ad­dress Carnegie Institute of Technology. Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

GIBSON, GEORGE WILLIAM PERCEVAL, A.M.; rate corre­spondent, Illinois Center R. H., Chicago, Illinois; address, 5610 Dor­chester Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

GLASS, BRECKENRIDGE BLACKBURN, A.M., clerk Shawnee National Bank, Shawnee, Oklahoma; died January 20, 1912 HARRIS, PALMER, B.S.; farmer; address, Versailles

HEDDEN, MARY PRATT, (Mrs. M. C. McKee), A.M.; teacher 7th grade, Mt. Sterling; married, 1906; teacher Latin Brad­fordsville, 1911-1915; Ghent, 1918-1914; Franklin, 1914-1915; principal Union High School, 1915-; address, Union

KELLY, SAMUEL EDWARD, A.M.; A.B. Harvard University, 1902; LL.B. ib. 1905; real estate; address, 302 Broadway, New York City

MOORE, MIRIAM H., (Mrs. W. M. Nevins), B.S.; married, 1903; address, Louisville

MORGAN, EUGENE DUDLEY, A.M.; Th.M. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1904; pastor, East Market, Md., 1904-1905; missionary, Texas, 1905-1908; pastor, Gorman, Texas, 1908-1911; Winters, Texas, 1911-1918; Goldthwaite, Texas, 1915-1916; Cana­dian, Texas, 1917-; author Women Characters in the New Testa­ment, 1913; address, Canadian, Texas

NUNNELLEY, CORA LEE, (Mrs. C. H. Thompson), A.B., mar­ried, 1906; address, Lexington

PARTEE, SAWYER WILSON, A.B.; minister; address, Paints­ivlle

PRIOR, LEON ERWIN, A.M.; teacher, Black River Academy, Ludlow, Vermont, 1901-1908; principal Shelburne, Vermont, 1903-1904; Rich­mond, Vermont, 1905-1909; superintendent schools, ib., 1909-1914; Claremont, Massachutes, 1914-1915; Dartmouth, Massachutes 1915—; ad­dress South Dartmouth, Massachutes

RAY, SUE W., A.B.; Hopkinsville; died ROWLETT, CARRIE E., (Mrs. D. C. Clarke), A.B., married, 1907; address, 805 Birchwood Avenue, Louisville

SCOTT, HERVEY BARBOUR, B.S.; A.M. 1903; student Hospital School, Newe York; assistant Physician Beechhurst Sanitarium, 1907-1912; superintendent ib., 1912-; address, Beechhurst Sanitarium, Louisville

SMEDLEY, GRAHAM BEST, A.M.; LL.B. University of Virginia 1904; county attorney, 1908-1910; lawyer, Dallas, Texas, 1902-1906; Midland, 1907-1912; assistant Attorney General of Texas, 1913-; address, 1707 Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas

SMITH, CORNELIUS DANSON, B.S.; banker and farmer, 1903-; member of Board of Alderman; address, Rowland, North Carolina

SMITH, WILLIAM MARION, A.M.; Washington, D. C.; died

TOOMBS, PERCY WALTHALL, A.B.; M.D. Tulane University, 1905; student abroad, 1914; F. A. C. S., 1916; professor Ob­stetrics University of Tennessee College or Medicine, 1909; physician, Greenville, Mississippi, 1905-1907; Memphis, 1907-; pro­fessor College of Physicians and Surgeons, 1907-1909; visiting obstetrician, Associated Charities, City and Baptist Memorial Hospitals, Memphis, 1909; address, 1108 Exchange Building, Memphis, Tennessee

WEAKLEY, CHARLES ROBINSON, B.S.; farmer; address, Shelbyville


ASHER, VERDIE RAY (Mrs. Michael Brandenburg), A.B.; married, 1903; address, Pineville

AULICK, LEORA OBRA (Mrs. P. T. Wheeler), B.S.; teacher, Wasioto, 1902-1903; Hazard, 1903-1906; married, 1904; address, Hazard BAKER, BENJAMIN LOUIS, A.B.; missionary; Swatow, China

BARHAM, ROBERT ERLE, B.S.; merchant; Address, Oak Ridge, Louisiania

CARTER, EUNICE B., (Mrs. Rail), A.B.; address, McKinney

CLARKE, CLAYBOURNE FOX, B.S.; clerk L. & N. R. R. Freight Department, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1902-1904; manager Stanford Ice Company Stanford, Texas, 1905; ranching, El Paso, Texas, 1906-1908; farming and stock raising, 1911-; Government Cattle Inspector, 1917-; address, Throcktnorton, Texas,

DICKEY, WILLIAM PINCKNEY, A. M.; A.M. Harvard, 1908; student Boston University, 1914-1916; principal Walton High School, 1902-1905; professor Latin, Richmond College, 1908-1911; master in German and History, Roxbury Latin School, Boa­ton, Mass., 1912-; address, 15 Ellery Street, Cambridge, Massachutes

DUDLEY, JUNE, (Mrs. Robert E. Harvey), A.M.; teacher, Georgetown Public School, 1904; married, 1904; address, 850 West Peachtree Street, Atlanta, Georgia

ELDER, WILLIAM BENJAMIN, A.B.; teacher and principal of high schools in Kentucky and Tennessee; address, Boys’ High School, Louisville

GAINES, IRA JULIAN, A.B.; Versailles; teacher; no informa­tion

GAINES, LYMAN LYNN, A.B.; farmer; Bullittsvifle; died

HAMILTON, RUSSELL ALEXANDER, A.B.; bank clerk, First National Bank, Georgetown, 1902-1913; ice business, Hartford City, Indiana., 1913-; address, 217 B, Washington Street, Hartford City, Indiana

HAYDEN, ESTELLA LEE, B.S.; teacher, Sulphur, 1903-1905; died February 1908

HOCKADAY, JAMES STARLING, B.S.; farmer and horseman; address, Berea, R. No. 1

IGLEHART, LOUIE IVERSON, B.S.; LL.B. Centre College; lawyer, Owensbero; address, 1231 South Allen Street, Owensboro

JACKSON, MARY GAYLE, (Mrs. A. M. Peed), A.B.; student Voice, Cincinnati and New York City; teacher Voice, Louisiana Female College, Meridian School of Music. Maryville (Missouri) Conservatory of Music; married, 1915; address, Mayslick, R. No. 1

KELLY, LLOYD CASWELL, A.B.; student Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; pastor, Mt. Pisgah and Sharpsburg, 1902-1904; editor Kentucky Issue, 1904-1907; pastor, Orlinda, Tennessee, 1907-1912; Campbellsvllle, 1912-; address, Campbells­ville

KEPHART, ELIZABETH WELLS, A.B.; teacher; address, New­castle

LEE, JOHN HOWARD, A.M.; farmer; address, Georgetown

LEWIS, JANE H., A.B.; address, Georgetown

MARTIN, JOHN EUBANK, A.B.; Th.B. Southern Baptist Theo­logical Seminary, 1905; D.D. Cumberland College, 1914; pas­tor Adairville, 1905-1908; Jellico Tennessee, 1908-; trustee Kentucky Baptist Children’s Home; member Executive Committee of Tennessee Anti-Saloon League; address, Jellico, Tennessee, Box 428

McMIJRTRY, ROBERT R., A.B.; cashier Bank of Dayton; ad­dress, 6th and McKinney Sts., Dayton

MORRIS, EVERETT, B.S.; M.D. University of Louisville, 1906; physician and surgeon, Sulphur, Kentucky, 1906-1914; Oak Forest, Illinois, 1914-; member Kentucky Board of Tuberculosis Com­missioners, 1912-1916; writer of many magazine articles on medical subjects; address, Cook County Tuberculosis Hos­pital, Oak Forest, Illinois

MORRIS, MAYME PORTER, (Mrs. S. 0. Boulware), A.B.; student Expression Cincinnati College of Music, summer 1907; University of Tennessee, summer 1910; teacher, Campbellsville High School, 1904-1906; teacher Expression, Sulphur, Kentucky, 1909-1911; LaGrange, 1911-1912; Pleasureville, 1910-1911; married, 1913; address, Campbellsville

NUNNELLEY, PORTER HAYS, A.B.; merchant; address, Georgetown

OVERTURF, BESSIE LEE, (Mrs. A. N. Moneyhan), B.S.; mar­ried, 1908; address, Augusta, Kentucky

PAYNE, JOHN BELLE, B.S.; banlter; address, 25 Broad Street, New York City

RICE, ALMA ROGERS, U.S.; life diploma E. K. S. N. S., 1907; teacher Madison County 1902-1907; teacher, Richmond, 1907-1914; address, Richmond

RICE, CHARLES DOBLES, B.S.; Veterinary Medicine D. Iowa State Col­lege, 1913; farmer, 1902-1906; Cotton Seed oil mill business 1906-1908; Extension professor Veterinary Medicine, Iowa State College, 1913-1915; field representative for Petina-Moore Serum Company of Indianapolis, Indiana; address, 2823 Leek Street, Ames, Iowa

RICE, EDE B., U.S.; business; address, 724 North Boulevard, At­lanta, Georgia

SHROPSHIRE, JAMES BECK, A.B.; graduate School of Natural Science of Kentucky University, 1901; M.A. Princeton Uni­versIty, 1903; sanitary inspector Aucon, C. Z., Isthmus of Panama, 1908-; address, Aueon, C. Z., Isthmus of Panama

SPRAGENS, WILLIAM HENRY, A.B.; LL.B. Vanderbilt Univer­sity, 1905; lawyer, Lebanon, 1906-; address, Lebanon

STONE, JOHN HENLEY, B.S.; farmer; address, Georgetown

THOMPSON, ALEXANDER BONT, A.B.; Th.B. Southern Bap­tist Theological Seminary, 1907; principal Hazard Baptist Institute, 1907-1909; Randle University School, Hernando, Mississippi 1909-1910; Metcalf County High School, 1910-; address, 1147 South Brook Street, Louisville

WARE, SAMANTHA, B.S.; district vice president W. C. T. U., 1915-1916; address, McKinaey

​ WRIGHT, ABNER KING, A.B.; pastor, Washington, D. C., 1904-1909; Lexington, North Carolinia, 1909-1910; Ensley, Alabama, 1910-; author Tithing and Financing tile Kingdom, 1915; address, Ensley, Alabama


ANDERSON, LESLIE GATEWOOD, A.B.; insurance; address, 605 Columbia Building, Louisville

BAKER. THOMAS FOUNTAIN, B.S.; farmer; address, Nicholas­ville

BARNES, ARTEMAS EDWARD, A.M.; teacher and farmer; ad­dress Murl, Wayne County

BRADLEY, VICTOR ANDERVILLE, A.B.; LL.B. Harvard, 1907; lawyer, Georgetown; Commonwealth’s Attorney 14th Cir­cult District; address, Georgetown BRANHAM, LINNETTE, (Mrs. W. M. Peak), B.S.; Ph.B Kansas Wesleyan University, 1906; Librarian, Kansas Wealeyan University, 1905-1906; Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida, 1909; teacher Sylvan Grove, Kansas, 1906-1907; married, 1915; ad­dress, Glasgow, Virginia

CARPENTER, LILLIAN MAE. (Mrs. J. H. Williamson), B.S.; married, 1908; address, Carlisle, R. F. D. No. 4

CLARK, DANIEL CLIFT, A.B.; general manager of Kentucky Pacific Mutual Insurance Company 1903-1909; general manager Louisville Real Estate and Development Company, 1910-; address, 305 Birchwood Avenue, Louisville

CLEVELAND, BERTHA M., B.S., recording secretary George­town College Alumni Association, 1914-; secretary Jessamine County Georgetown College Association, 1916-; represented ‘8th District Phil. Dept. Kentucky Federation of Women’s Club, 1916-1917; address, Keene

DAVIS, EDWARD FRANKLIN, B. S., principal Hazard Institute 1904-1905; teacher Alderson Academy, West Virginia, 1905-197; superin­tendent city schools, Corbin, 1907-1908; principal Crab Orchard Schools, 1908-1909; address, Williamsburg

DAVIS, JESSE HAMBRICK, B. S., LL.B., Harvard, 1906, lawyer, 1912-; city attorney, 1912-; address, Everett, Washington

ELLIS, ERNEST CERBERT, A.B., Georgetown; no information GOODNIGHT, BESSIE, (Mrs. M. W. Crawley), A.M.; address, Bowling Green

GREATHOUSE, JOHN WARING, A.M., Th.M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1908; pastor. Bellville, Illinois, 1906-1908; field secretary Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1908-1910; pastor, Humbolt, Tennessee, 1910-1911; Southern Pasadena, California, 1911-1913; field secretary Foreign Mission Board 1913-1916; pas­tor, Los Angeles, California, 1916-; address, Los Angeles, California

HUMPHREY, BESSIE C., ES., teacher, address. Sturgis

JOHNSON, HAMILTON, A.M., farmer; address, McAlister, Oklahoma

LOVELACE, MYRTLE, B.S., teacher Expression and Physical Culture, Hickman High School; Cairo, Illinois; Gulfport, Mississippi; Broken Ban, Nebraska; Los Angeles, California; address, Bardwell

MOFFETT, MAY CAMPBELL, B.S.; address, Sharpsburg

MOORE, JOHN REED, B.S., lawyer; assistant district attorney; address, Wenoka, Oklahoma

MOORE, SUE W., (Mrs. D. P. Scott), B.S., married, 1908; ad­dress, Georgetown, R. 2

SHROPSHIRE, ANNA M., (Mrs. W. W. Vanfleren), B.S., mar­ried, 1911; address, Cynthiana

SHROPSHIRE, WALTER HENDERSON, B.S., farmer, 1905-; ad­dress Paris, R. F. D., No. 7

STOCKTON, GEORGE FRANKLIN, B.S., student Pharmacy, Uni­versity of Ohio, 1904-1905; druggist and assistant postmaster, Gunter, Texas, 1906-1907; Howe, Texas, 1907-; address, Howe, Texas

WALKER, JOHN HENRY, A.B., teacher Onedia Institute, 1903-1905; principle ib., 1905-1915; farmer and teacher, Oneida, 1915-; address, Oneida


BAKER, JOHN ANDREW, A.B., farmer and banker; director Citizen’s Bank of Jessamine County; address, Nicholasville

BOX, MARY ALICE (Mrs. 0. A. Rankln), A.B., teacher, Cynthi­ana, 1906-1907; married, 1908; address, Miller Street, Cynthiana

BRANHAM, WILLIAM HENRY, A.B., Rhode’s Scholar, Oxford University, England, 1905-1908; professor Rollin’s College, Florida, 1908-1909: acting professor Latin and Greek, Georgetown College, 1909-10; master Street Paul’s School, New Hampshire, 1910-1915; died September 1916

BRENTS, SAMUEL VAN BUREN, B.S., (‘06), student of Expres­sion, Ohio Northern University, 1906; country editor, Albany, 1906-1908; farmer, Albany, 1908-1914; newspaper reporter, Mid­dlesboro and Frankfort, 1914-; address, Albany

BROWN, ZELMA TRIPLETTE (Mrs. R. E. Warren), A.B., mar­ried, 1906; address, Georgetown

COAKLEY, WILLIAM SAMUEL, A.B., A.M., 1905, Th.M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1908; pastor, Ghent, 1908-1913; Owensboro, 1913-1916; Wheatley, 1915-; address, Wheat­ley

ECTON, THOMAS CHRISTOPHER, A.B., Th.G., Southern Bap­tist Theological Seminary, 1907, D.D., Georgetown, 1916; pastor, Cavalry Baptist Church, Lexington; address, Lexington

FLORENCE, GEORGE DAVIDSON, B.S., lawyer; common­wealth’s attorney, 1911-1912; address, Stanford

GARTH, NORTON WEBSTER, B.S., farmer; address, Trenton HENTON, JAMES DUDLEY, B.S., farmer; address, Versailles, R.R. No. 3

JONES, JOHN BUNYAN, A.B., Th.G., Southern Baptist Theologi­cal Seminary, 1906, pastor, East Florence, Alabama, 1904-1905; Belle­vue, Kentucky, 1908-1910; Stanford, 1910-1913; Mt. Vernon, 1916-; address, Versailles, R. D. No. 1

LEWIS, THOMPSON DARNABY, A.B., student Law University of Louisville, 1907-1908; student History and English, Univer­sity of Colorado, 1914-1915; principal High School, Bushnell, Fin., 1908-1909, Oseola, Arkansas, 1909-1911; professor Latin and French, Ogden College, 1911-1914; died May 27, 1916

NUNNELLEY, ELIZABETH FRANCES, (Mrs. J. Lindsey Nunn), A.M., married, 1907; address, Amarilla, Texas

RILEY, JOSEPH LESLIE, A.M., graduate student from University of Chicago, 1913 and 1915; 1st fellow in Mathematics, Rice In­stitute, 1914-1915; vice president Boy’s School, Montgomery. Alabama, 1907-1909; vice president Bunn-Bell Institute, Waycross, Georgia, 1909-1911; superintendent Lancaster Public School, 1910-1913; instructor Physics, University of Oklahoma, 1914; teacher, North East State Normal, Tahlequah, 1915-1917; address, Tahlequah, Oklahoma

ROACH, BENJAMIN PLEASANT, A.M., student University of California; missionary to South China, 1904-; principal Academy Yingtak, China; professor Graves Theological Seminary, Canton, China; address, Canton, China

SHEPARD, FLORA BELL, (Mrs. W. B. Jones), A.B., teacher in a Private School, 1904-1905; married, 1906; address, 803 South Marion Street, Lake City, Florida

SUTTON, THOMAS P., A.B., merchant; address, Mt. Sterling

WATSON, SARA ELLEN, (Mrs. 1-I. H. Fuson), B.S., teacher in Montana, 1904-1906; married, 1906; address, 1920 Garrard Street, Covington


ABERNATHY, ALBERT ROSS, A.B., A.M., Th.M. Southern Bap­tist Theological Seminary, professor History and Economics, Simmons College, Abilene, Texas, 1908-1910; pastor, Poplar Bluff, Missouri, 1910-1912; instructor Latin, Georgetown College, 1912-1916; president Russell Creek Academy, 1916-; address, Campbellsville

APPLEGATE, MATTHEW MULL1NS, A.B., M.D., University of Cincinnati, 1909; intern and house surgeon, Bethesda Hos­pital, Cincinnati, 1909-1911; physician and surgeon, 1911-; ad­dress 19 West 7th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio

BROOKSHIRE, CHARLES THOMAS, B.S., Th.G. Southern Bap­tist Theological Seminary, pastor, Jackson, 1910-1911; Owens­boro, 1912-1915; Charleston, West Virginia, 1916-; address, Charleston, West Virginia

BRUNER, ELI MURRAY, A.B., A.M., M. S. F., University of Michigan, 1912; lieutenant Philippine constabulary, 1906-1910; forest examiner in United States forest servIce, 1912; address, Lenoir, North Carolinia

BUSH, OLIVER PRICE, A.B., Th.G., Southern Baptist Theologi­cal Seminary, 1908; pastor; address. Columbia

COAKLEY, ANNIE BION, (Mrs. B. H. Stiles), A.B., marbled, 1914; address, Howardstown

COLLINS, BASSETT, B.S., business; address, Tucumcari, New Mexico

DAVIS, EUGENE ALLEN, B.L., banker; Harris Siller Banking Company 1910; address, Versailles

DRAKE, ANN LAURA, (Mrs. G. F. Doyle), B.L., married, 1906; address, Winchester

DUDLEY, LOUISE, A.H., student University of Oxford, England, summer, 1909, Ph.D., Bryn Mawr, 1910; instructor Mt. Hol­yoke College, 1910-1911; professor English Stephens College, Missouri, 1913-1914; professor Lawrence College, Appleton, Wisconsin, 1914-; address, Appleton, Wisconsin

ELSEY, CHARLES WILLIAM, A.B., Th.G., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1907; pastor, Lexington, 1902-1908; Cynthiana, 1908-; member Baptist State Board of Missions, 1910-; trustee Georgetown College, 1915-; author Journeying with Jesus, 1913; address, Cynthiana

FORD, ELIZABETH, (Mrs. C. W. Cooper), A.B., student French and German, University of Wisconsin; teacher French and German, Missouri Christian College, Camden Point, Missouri; Southern Christian College; West Point, Mississippi; Atlanta Christian College, Wilson, North Carolina; married, 1915; address, Ox­ford, Alabama

FORD, HIRAM CHURCH, A.B., LL.B., Transylvania University, 1907; lawyer; County attorney; address, Georgetow

GEORGE, ISOLA FONTAIN, B.L.; address, Versailles

HENTON, SAMUEL HAMPTON, A.B., banker; address, Ver­sailles

JONES, WILLIAM BRISTOW, A.B., Lit. D., Columbia College, 1917; student Chicago University, summer, 1911; Columbia University, summer, 1915; prIncipal Nocatee, (Florida) High School. 1905-1907; De Soto County High School, Arcadia, Florida, 1907-1911; Dean and professor of English Columbia College, Florida, 1911-; address, Lake City, Florida

KONE, FAY ELIZABETH, (Mrs. J. 0. L. Goggin), D.L., married, 1911; address, 1314 West Lexington Street, Baltimore, Maryland

LIGON, MOSES EDWARD, A.M., student University of Chicago, principal Philippine Islands, 1905-1908; Paducah, 1908-1910; in­structor Owensboro High School, 1910-1913; principal Lexing­ton High School, 1913-; address, Lexington

MARKS, MAY BELLE, B. S., student Voice in Georgetown Col­lege and Lexington; address, Georgetown

MOFFETT, COLEMAN SHARP, A.B., student law University of Kentucky, 1906; Jefferson School of Law, 1907; University of Michigan. 1908; staff work on Courier Journal, Louisville, Kentucky, 1906-1907; lawyer, Winchester, 1909-1916; author Interea­tional Brotherhood, 1907; History of Burley Tobacco Warfare, 1903; address, French Avenue, Winchester

NUNN, JOHN LINDSEY, A.B.; general manager Nunn Electric Company Amarillo, Texas and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 1908-; ad­dress, 1816 Polk Street, Amarillo, Texas

PARRIGIN, LYMAN JOSEPH, A.B., internal revenue service, Mill Springs; address, Mill Springs

PENN, RUSSELL STUART, A.B., secretary L. H. Willing Company Detroit, Michigan, 1910-; address, 295 Hibbard Avenue, Detroit, Michigan

QUINN, JENNIE, A.B.; teacher, Williamsburg Institute, 1899-1901; Georgetown City School, 1901-1910; principal Sadieville High School, 1910-1917; address, 332 East Jackson Street, George­town

RAMBO, JAMES ISSAC, A.B.; A.M., B.D. Crozier Theological Seminary, 1908; died

SHOUSE, MARY ARMSTRONG, B.S.; A.B. Chicago University, 1909; A.M. Columbia, 1913; Head of English Department State College for Women, Denton, Texas,; address, 185 Park Avenue, Lexington

SNYDER, JAMES UNION, A.B.; principal High School, Carlisle, 1905-1906; Lee Baptist Institute, Penington, Virginia, 1906-1907; professor English Missouri Military Academy, Mexico, Missouri, 1907-1910; superintendent City School, Marion, Kentucky, 1910-1913; field manager Redpath Lyceum Bureau, 1913-1915; superin­tendent city schools Jellico, Tennessee, 1915-1917; address, Jellico, Tennessee

TAYLOR, JOHN MURRAY FORBES, A.B.; A.M., student South­ern Baptist Theological Seminary; pastor, Stanford, 1907-1909; Washington, D. C., 1909-1912; Middleburg, Virginia, 1912-1916; Abingdon, Virginia, 1916-; address, Abingdon, Virginia

WAGERS, HUME CLARK, B.L.; merchant; Richmond; died W

EDDLE, STELLA PAULINE, (Mrs. Singleton), B.L.; address, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma W

RIGHT, LESLIE THOMAS, B.L.; student Crozier Theological Seminary, 1905-1906; Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1907-1908; pastor, Washington, D. C., 1906; Waddy. 1907-1909; Tay­lorsville, 1909-1915; Ghent, 1915-1916; address, Eminence


ALEXANDER, MARY KATE, (Mrs. E. H. Newton), A.B., grad­uate student Cincinnati and University of Tennessee; teacher English and Expression, Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama; married, November 29, 1916; address, 909 16th Avenue, Southern Nashville, Tennessee

ARGABRITE, WESLEY HOUSTON, A.B.; Dr. Opthal, Northern Illinois College of Ophthalmology; practicing optometrist, Paris, 1909-1911; secretary and sales manager The Alvey-­Ferguson Company Cincinnati, Ohio; address, 2874 Markbreit Avenue, Hyde Park, Cincinnati, Ohio

BENNETT, CLAY OSCAR, A.B.; graduate Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; minister; address, Utica

BENNETT, EUGENE ROGERS, B.S.; lieutenant Philippine Con­stabulary, P. I., 1906-1909; casbier Mindoro Development Company San Jose, Mindoro, P. I., 1909-1912; secretary P. H. Lancaster Distilling Company Owensboro, 1913-; address, 319 East 7th Street, Owensboro

BRUNER, GENERAL PERRY, A.B.; student Pipe Organ, New York, 1910; instructor Piano and harmony, Virginia Institute, Bristol, Virginia, 1906-1907; Director Department of Pipe Organ, Judscn College, Marion, Alabama, 1908-1910; director of Music Wayland Baptist College, Plainview, Texas, 1910-1911; professor Music, Louisville, 1911-1915; director of Music and professor of Latin, Daughters College, Harrodaburg, 1915-1916; address, 221 South Bayly Avenue, Louisville

CRAWFORD, ANDREW JACKSON, A.B.; B.M.E. Kentucky State University; engineer; Albuquerque, New Mexico; died 1912 DEVERS, BERTHA CLEVELAND, (Mrs. H. L. Robinson), B.L; married, 1906; address Georgetown

DUCKER, STUART REILLEY, A.B.; salesman, New York, 1906-1913; Cincinnati, Ohio, 1913-1917; address, 626 Maple Avenue, Newport

FOGLE, RUBY LEE, B.L., teacher, Jellico, Tennessee, 1908-1918; Mid­dleburg, 1915-; address, Yosemite

LEWIS, MARY MILDRED, A.B.; teacher; Shelbyville; died February 22, 1914

MCADAMS, CARY ANN, A.B.; Owensboro; died 1906

SMITH, HARRY EVIN, A.B.; LL.B. University of Louisville, 1908; timberman, Plaquimine, Louisiana, 1908-1912; railway clerk 1912-; address. 1815 Plum Street, Little Rock, Arkansas

TAYLOR, HOWARD CROMWELL, A.B.; A.M. Columbia Univer­sity, 1915; principal Arcadia Heights High School, 1909-1912; teacher, Greenville, North Carolina, summer 1915; head of department of Education and Psychology, Springfield, Missouri, 1915-1916; in­structor in Education and Psychology, University of Mis­souri, 1916-; address, 108 College Avenue, Columbia, Missouri

THOMPSON, LESTER POPE, A.B.; farmer; address, Bagdad

WALDROP, GEORGE BYRON, A.M.; A.M. Tulane University, 1909; Harvard University, 1918; instructor Latin and Greek, Grand Island College, Nebraska, 1909-1911; instructor in Latin and Greek Arcadia University, Woltville, Nova Scotia, 1913-1916; address, 67 Oxford Street, Cambridge, Massachutes

WILLIAMS, WILLIAM ANDERSON, A.B.; principal High School, Germantown, 1908-1911; cashier Amelia Ohio State Hank, 1910-1917; address, Amelia, Ohio


AVERITT, ERWIN LUTHER, B.L.; minister; address, Columbus, Ohio

BECKETT, ROY, B.L.; A.M. University of Cincinnati, 1910; D.D.S. Ohio State University, 1917; traveling salesman, Covington, 1907-1909; dentist, 1914-; address, 1041 Madison Avenue, Covington

BLAKEMORE, MARCUS WOOLFOLK, A.B.; Versailles, sales­man; died

BOLICK, FRANCES LORENA, (Mrs. D. G. Walker), B.L.; teacher Vineyard, Ark., 1907-1908; Helena, Arkansas, 1908-1909; mar­ried, 1909; address, corner Louisiana and Prairie St. Helena, Arkansas

BRADLEY, ANDERVILLE SUGGETT, A.B.; D.J. University of Michigan, 1910; lawyer; address, Columbia, Georgia

BROWNING, EMMA LOUISE, B.L.; teacher, Eminence, 1908-1909; Scott County 1909-1910; dressmaker, Georgetown, 1910-; address, Georgetown

COAKLEY, SUSAN EMMA, (Mrs. Chas. G. Stiles), B.L.; mar­ried, 1913; address, Stiles, Kentucky

CONRAD, CORINNE BRECKENRIDGE, B.L.; student Randolph-Macon, 1908-199; died Dry Ridge, October 21, 1916

CRAWLEY, ALFRED LAWRENCE, A.B.; Th.M. Southern Bap­tist Theological Seminary; pastor Silas and Mt. Zion, 1907-1908; Cane Run and Waddy, 1909-1910; Parkland Baptist Church, Louisville, 1911-1914; Fort Thomas, 1914-; address, 49 Mt. Pleasant Street, Fort Thomas

CREAL, ROBERT LEE, A.B.; pastor, Temple, Arizona, 1908-1911; Arlington, 1911-1913; Bowling Green, 1913-1915; Beaver Dam, 1916-1916; Barbourville 1916-; address, Barbourville

DIES, WILLIAM PORTER, A.B.; student University of Chicago, 1908; University of Michigan, 1914-1916; principal High School, Marshall, Michigan, 1914-1916; instructor Economics, Uni­versity of Michigan; dean of School of Accountancy, De­troit Technical Institute, 1916-; address, 303 Y. M. C. A. Building, Detroit, Michigan

DUDLEY, ROSE, A.B.; A.B. Smith College, 1908; student ColIumbia University, summer 1912-1914-1916; teacher Science, Illinois Woman’s College, 1912-1914; teacher Chemistry Rockford College, 1916-; address, Rockford College, Rockford, Illinois

HAMILTON, HELEN MULLINS, (Mrs. M. D. Martin), B.L.; mar­ried, 1909; address, Poindexter

HERRING, HARRY, B.L.; M.D. University of Michigan, 1911; surgeon, Lexington

HOPKINS, PORTER HOP, A.B.; student University of Tennes­see, and University of Chicago; principal Bainbridge, Georgia, High School, 1907-1909; instructor English and Latin, M. M. I., 1909-10; principal Albany High School, 1910-1911; superin­tendent of schools, Paintsvllle, 1911-1915; Georgetown High School, 1916-1916; superintendent of schools, Lancaster, 1916-; address, Lancaster

JOHNSON, JOHN FORD, A.B.; D.C., Carver Chiropractic College, 1909; M.C. ib., 1914; president Oklahoma Chiropractors’ Association, 1912-1913; address, 700 Yale Street, Siloain Springs, Arkansas

JONES, FRANCES WHEAT, (Mrs. G. R. Reed), B.L.; married, 1910; address, Columbia

PATTON, ELLA ALICE, B.L.; teacher; address, Greensburg

PAYNE, LUELLA, (Mrs. Garnett Ryland), A.B.; A.B. Smith Col­lege, 1908; instructor Music, Georgetown College, 1908-1910; married, December 21, 1909; address. Richmond College, Rich­mond, Virginia

PENN, LOURIOTIOUS TANDY, A.B.; merchant; address, Georgetown, R. No. 5

RAMEY, CAREY FLOYD, A.B.; student Chemistry, Missouri School of Mines, 1907-1908; University of California, 1908-1909; chemist for Standard Oil Company 1909-; address, 2414 Dana Street, Berkley, California

RICHERSON, HUGH HARDING, A.B.; M.D. University of Louis­ville, 1915; physician Street Joseph’s Hospital, Lexington; no information

TURK, ROBBYE LA VANCHE, B.L.; Bardwell; died 1809

WALDROP, PIKE POWERS, A.B.; A.B. Yale, 1908; LL.B. Har­vard, 1912; teacher Darlington, South Carolinia, High School, 1908-1909; lawyer; address, 1218 South 20th Street, Birmingham, Alabama

WALLER, JESSE CRAWFORD, A.B.; A.B. University of Chi­cago, 1908; A.M. Columbia University, 1813; principal Tangfpahoa, Louisiana, 1808-1908; Georgetown, 1808-1910; superintend­ent, ib., 1910-; address, Georgetown

WHITE, REUBEN POLLARD, A.B.; M.A., Harvard University; professor of English, Ouachita College, Arkadelphla, Arkansas, 1909-1913; farmer, 1913-; address, Cadiz.

WHITE, STEVEN PETTUS, A.B.; LL.B. Harvard, 1910; lawyer, 1910-; address, 1301 South Virginia Street, Hopkinsville

​ WILLIAMS, CLAUDE LIONEL, A.B.; A.M. University of Chi­cago, 1916; teacher flouglas, Arizona, 1907-1908; professor Louisiana College, 1908-1916; Manual Training High School, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1916-1917; Harrison Technical High School, Chicago, Illinois, 1917-; address, 6058 Ellis Avenue, Chicago, Illinois


ALLEN, WORTH, A.B.; J.D. University of Chicago, 1912; princi­pal Pell City High School, Alabama, 1908-1909; lawyer, Chicago, 1912-; address, 69 West Washington Street, Chicago, Illinois

AULICK, OLLIE SPURGEON, A.B.; B.C.E. University of Ken­tucky, 1911; farmer, 1911-; instructor of Mechanical Draw­ing, Mechanics and Surveying, Georgetown College, 1913-; address, Georgetown, H. No. 1

BROWN, MARY PARKER. A.B.; A.B. Vassar, 1910; instructor English, Meredith College, Raleigh, North Carolina: address, Franklin, Ohio

BUNYEA, HUBERT, A.B.; student Crozler Theological Semi­nary, 1908-1909: student College Veterinary Surgeons, Wash­ington, D.C., 1915-; pastor, Atlantic City and Washington, D.C., 1909-1914; federal service, 1914-; author Grace Before Meals, 1911; address, 1396 A. Street, South East, Washington, D. C.

CARMACLC, CLAUDYS EARL, A.B.; superintendent schools, Trenton, 1909-1911; newspaper work, Louisville Times and Courier Journal, 1913-1915; teacher English, Louisville Boys’ High School. 1915-; address, 810 Peterson Avenue, Louisville

CLEEK, ANNA MARIA, A.B.; A.M. teacher Walton, 1910-1912; Beaver Lick, 1912-; address, Beaver Lick

CREASON, KATIE MAE, (Mrs. J. H. Wells), A.B.; A.B. Vassar; teacher Music; married 1916; address, Mt. Vernon, Illinois

DIUGUID, MARY ADELLE, (Mrs. W. S. Coakley), A.B.; mar­ried, 1909; address, Wheatley

GARDNER, HENRIETTA, (Mrs. Joe Nunnelley), A.B.; married, 1912; address, Hickman Street, Winchester

GARDNER, OLIVIA CLAY, B.L.; address, Wlnehester, H. No. 1

HAGAN, HERBERT HART, A.B.; M.D. John Hopkins University, 1913 teacher Bolton College, Tennessee, 1908-1909; house sur­geon, Washington University, Hospital, 1913-1914; assistant resident surgeon Barnes Hospital, Street Louis, Missouri, 1914-16; physician, Street Louis. Missouri, 1916-; address, 408 Humbolt Building, Street Louis, Missouri

HALE, THOMAS FARRIS, A.B.; A.B. Yale, 1910; M.D. University of Pennsylvania, 1915; 1st Lieutenant Medical Reserve Corps. U.S.A., 1915-; address, 2301 Longest Avenue, Louis­ville

HAMILTON, CLEVELAND CALDWELL, A.B.; banker, Louis­ville, 1910-1911; farmer, Breckenridge County, 1912-; address, Ammons

HEDGECOCK, ELLA EUPHEMIA, (Mrs. John Corlis), B.L.; married, 1909; address, Brooksville HUNT, KATHERINE FLORINE, (Mrs. J. D. Whitsitt), A.B.; married, 1917; address, Winchester

LEWIS, SARAH HAMLETT, B.L.; B.A. Richmond College, 1910; instructor Russell Creek Academy, 1911-1912; assistant princi­pal and instructor Latin and English, Mayslick High School. 1912-; address, Shelbyville

MARRIOTT, EULA VIRGINIA, A.B.; graduate Virginia Con­servatory of Music and Sherwood School of Music, Chicago, Illinois; pianist and flutist on Chautauqua platform; address, Sentinel, Oklahoma

NEWELL, GEORGE MONTGOMERY, B.L.; chemist Indian Re­fining Company Georgetown, 1908-1911; assistant treasurer G. H. Nunnelley Company 1911-; address, Georgetown

PERRY, WALTER WALLACE, A.B., A.M.; insurance business; address, Devon Station

PERRYMAN, LUCILE, (Mrs. H. R. Bybee), B.L.; teacher, Frank­tin, Virginia, Female Seminary, 1912-1913; teacher Norfolk, Virginia. 1913-1915; married, 1915; address, 361 West 13th Street, Norfolk, Virginia

PORTER, ELLA K., (Mrs. D. P. Green), B.L.; graduate Cincin­nati Dramatic School, 1910; A.B. State University, 1913, A.M. ib., 1914; married, 1914; address, 1128 East 64th Place, Chicago, Illinois

PULLIAM, MATTHEW MULLINS, B.L.; student Law University of Oklahoma; lawyer, Tuscaloosa, Alabama; died 1917

STEVENS, CHESTER U., A.B.; Th.B. and Th.M. Southern Bap­tist Theological Seminary; pastor; address, Harlan

STEVENS, ELBERT CECIL, A.B.; Th.M. Southern Baptist Theo­logical Seminary; pastor, King Baptist Church, 1909-1916; Clifton, 1916-; associate editor, Western Recorder, 1914-1917; pastor, Louisville, 1916-; address, 650 South 4th Street, Louisville

STOUT, WILLIAM WRIGHT, A.B.; Th.M., Th.D. Southern Bap­tist Theological Seminary; missionary, Cheefoo, China; ad­dress, Cheefoo, China

THOMAS, MARY WITHERSPOON, (Mrs. H. C. Ford), AR, A.M.; married, 1918; address, Georgetown

THOMPSON, WILLIE LEE, (Mrs. Dudley Blades), B.L.; address, Fort Stockton, Texas

WEAKLEY, ADRIEL CLARK, A.B.; M.D. Johns Hopkins Uni­versity, 1912; interne Brooklyn Hospital, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1912-1914; physician, Shelbyville, 1914-; address, Shelbyville

​ WHALEY, IRENE GRAFTON, A.B.; A.B. Vassar; student University of Wisconsin, summer 1916; teacher Flemingsburg, 1908-1909; Miami, Florida, 1910-1911; Baylor College, Belton, Texas, 1914-1916; Hamilton College, 1916-; address, Flemingsburg


ALLEN, ARTHUR WILBURN, A.B.; M.D. Johns Hopkins Uni­versity, 1918; 1st Lieutenant Medical Reserve Corps, U.S.A., 1916; address, 52 Hereford Street, Boston, Massachutes

ARDERY, FAYETTE, B.L.; bank clerk, Paris, 1909-1914; drug­gist, 1914-; address, Paris

AULICK, BEULAH ELVIRA, B.L.; State Certificate E. K. S. N., 1910; B.M.T. Training School, LouisvIlle, 1915; teacher, Alexandria High School, 1911-1918; Mitchell Collegiate Institute, Bakersville, North Carolinia, 1916; address, Butler, R. No. 4

BROWN, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, B.L., student, University of Chicago; superintendent of schools, Pembroke, 1909-1916; Hazelhurst, Mississippi, 1916-; address, Hazelhurst, Mississippi

BROWNING, MARY ELIZABETH, A.B.; teacher Cedar Crest, New Jersey, 1913-1914; photographer, Georgetown, 1917-; address, Georgetown

BROWNING, WILLIAM EDWIN, A.B.; bookkeeper; mercantile business, 1909-1911; Farmer’s Bank and Trust Company 1911-1915; treasurer and business agent Georgetown College, 1915-; address, Georgetown

CALHOUN, RENA, A.B.; student Chicago University, summer 1913; teacher Waycross, Georgia 1910-1912; Owensboro High School, 1912-; address, 504 West 7th Street. Owensboro

CHRISTIAN, VIRGIL LANDON, A.B.; student University of Chi­cago, summer 1910; University of Tennessee, summer 1912 and 1914; teacher Sturgis, 1909-1910; principal High School, Marion, 1910-1913; superintendent ib., 1913-; address, Marion

CREAL, TOMMIE, (Mrs. Walter Crady), B.L; teacher, Buffalo, Kentucky, 1909-1910; address, Hodgenville

DAVIS, MYRA LOUISE, A.B.; student University of Chicago, summer 1913; teacher, Owenton, 1905-1906; Darlington, South Carolinia, 1909-1910; head Department Latin, Martha Washington Col­lege, Arlington. Virginia, 1910-1911; teacher, Georgetown High School, 1912-1913, 1914-1915; Campbellsburg, High School, 1913-1914, 1916-1917; address, Owenton, Kentucky

ESTES, CHARLES PRESLEY, A.B., A.M.; student Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Instructor Williamsburg In­stitute; died

FOGLE, McDOWELL ADDINGTON, A.B.; student law Harvard, 1909; LL.B. Kentucky State University. 1911; lawyer, 1911-; address, Hartford GARRETT, DAILEY, Illinois; address, 246 Boone Avenue, Winchester

GRAHAM. CHARLES LETCHER, A.B.; student Chicago Uni­versity, 1910; Th.M. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1913; pastor 1st BaptIst Church, Seymour, Indiana, 1913-1917; LaGrange, 1917-; address, LaGrange

GWYNNE, WALDO EMERSON, A.B.; student University of Chi­cago, summer 1909; principal Webster County High School, 1909-1910; principal private boys’ school, Richmond, 1910-1917; traveling salesman, Allyn and Bacon, 1917-; address, 2212 Highland Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee

HIEATT, WILLIE CLAYTON, (Mrs. Frank A. Rogers), A.B.; married, 1911; address, Mt. Sterling, R. No. 1

LE STOURGEON FLORA ELIZABETH, A.B.; A.M. University of Chicago, 1913; Ph.D. ib, 1917; professor Mathematics, Street Mary’s College, Dallas, Texas, 1910-1912; Beaver College, Pennsylvania, 1913-1915; address, Chicago, Illinois, care of University of Chicago

McHARGUE, LESTER L., A.B.; chemist, Colton, Cal., 1909-1910; farmer, Tyrone, Oklahoma, 1910-1911; assistant principal Boyle County High School, Danvllle, Kentucky, 1911-1912; professor Chemistry, Ruskin College, Florida, 1912-1913; farmer, Ruskin, Florida, 1913-; address, Ruskln, Florida

REVILL, JONETTH, A.B.; M.A. University of Cincinnati, 1910; teacher, Burlington High School, 1916-; address, Burling­ton

REVILL, PATTY FLANDRAU, (Mrs. J. T. Deal), B.L.; student Voice Cincinnati College of Music; instructor Voice, Clin­ton College, Kentucky, 1910-1911; Central College, Conway, Arkansas, 1910-1917; married, June 24, 1915; address, 210 Center Street, Conway, Arkansas

RUCKER, MARIA PAYNE, (Mrs. H. V. JohnsaD), B.L.; address, Georgetown

SHOCKENCY, MARY ALMEDA, A.B.; address, Pleasurevllle

STITES, HENRY JOHNSON, A.B.; A.B. Yale, 1910; L.L.B. Uni­versity of Louisville, 1911; LL.B. Yale, 1912; lawyer, Hop­kinsville, 1912-1916; Captain 3rd Kentucky Infantry, U.S.A., 1916-; address, 917 South Main Street, Hopkinsvllle

TANDY, RUSSELL SPICER, A.B.; A.M. Transylvanla, 1916; minister; address, Royse City, Texas

TAYLOR, HATTIE, (Mrs. L. C. Campbell), A.B., A.M.; teacher, Hazard Institute, 1909-1910; Walton, 1910-1914; married, June 7, 1911; teacher, Hazard, 1914-; address, Hazard THOMPSON, BESSIE LUCILE, (Mrs. S. D. Weakley), B.L.; mar­ried, 1912; address, Shelbyville, R. No. 6

THOMPSON, SALLIE RUTH, (Mrs. B. B. Wilson), B.L.; mar­ried, 1914; address, Shelbyville, R. No. 6

WELLS, JESSE HUGH, A.B., A.M.; student Vanderbilt Univer­sity; University of Chicago; Th.B. Southern Baptist Theo­logical Seminary, 1912; minister; address, 718 Jackson Street, Mt. Vernon, Illinois


BARNETT, ALLEN, A.B.; B.A. Rhodes Scholar, Exeter College, Oxford, England, 1911-1914; teacher, Concord, New Hampshire, 1914-1917; 2nd O.R.T. Camp, Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana, 1917-; ad­dress, Brodbead

BRISTOW, JAMES JEFFERSON RUCKER, A.B.; B.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, Massachusetts, 1914; instructor Chemis­try, Washington High School, Washington, D. C., 1910-1911; chemical engineer, Aluminum Ore Company East Street Louis, Illinois. 1914-1916; Chemical Engineer, Virginia Products Company Balti­more, 1916-; address, Baltimore, Maryland

CHANDLER, TURNER CLEVELAND, A.B.; A.M. University of Chicago, 1915; principal high school, Crittenden, 1910-11; University Training School. Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 1911-1913; in­structor English, Texas A. & M. College, 1913-1914; teacher English, Chicago High School, 1914-; address, 6106 Drexel Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

ELLIS, GOLDA LAMAH, (Mrs. Willis A. Whitecomb), A.B; teacher, Covington, 1910-1913; married, 1913; address, 143 East 42nd Street, Covington

GWYNNE, GLADYS ROBERTA, (Mrs. E. B. Peters), B.L.; mar­ried, 1910; address, Georgetown

HOWARD, HAROLD JOHNSON, A.B.; A.B. Yale, 1911; whole­sale grocer, Mt. Vernon, Illinois, 1911-; address, 1718 Broadway, Mt. Vernon, Illinois J

ONES, JAMES WILEY, A.B.; student University of Chicago; teacher, Murray, 1910-1914; superintendent. 1914-; address, Murray

JUDD, LILLIE, B.L.; teacher, Shelbyville, Tennessee, 1910-1912; Owensboro, 1912-1913; H.B.I., Hazard, 1913-1914; Alexandria. 1914-1917; address, Columbia

LEWIS. VIRGINIA ELENORA, A.B.; student University of Ari­zona; University of Chicago; instructor Latin Oiiachita Col­lege. Arkadelphla, Arkansas, 1911-1912; Dry Ridge High School, 1912-1915; Simpsonville, 1915-1917; Shelbyville, 1917-; address, Shelbyvllle

SAYERS, PRUDENCE, B.L.; student E. K. S. N., 1914; Michigan State Normal, 1916; teacher, Ghent, 1913-1914; Covington, 1914-1916; address, 117 East 3rd Street, Covington STEVENS, WINONA CLORIS, (Mrs. J. W. Jones), A.B.: address, Murray

STITES, JOHN THOMAS EDMUNDS, A.B.; LL.B. Yale, 1914; bookkeeper, Planters Baik, Hopkinsvllle, 1910-1912; lawyer; Lieutenant, U. S. R., 1917-; address, 901 Jefferson Street, Paducah

VALLANDINGHAM, BEN L., A.B., student Michigan Agricultural College, 1914-1915; principal Owenton Public Schools, 1916-; address, Owenton

WAYMAN, HARRY CLIFFORD, A.B., Th.B. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1912; Th.M. ib., 1913; Th.D. ib., 1916; D.D. Georgetown College, 1917; pastor LaGrange, 1914-1916; professor Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1916-; associate editor Baptist World; address, 1413 South 1st Street, Louisville


BURNS, WOODSON SEELEY, A.B., student H. K. S. N., 1912; Kentucky State University, 1916; principal Booneville High School, 1911-1912; teacher Rosebud, Texas High School, 1912-1913; real es­tate business, Richmond, 1913-1914; farmer Brock, 1914-1916; principal Golden Valley High School. North Dakota, 1916-1917; address, Brock

CRAFT, CHESTER WALTER, A.B., student University of Chicago, 1914; teacher Philippine Islands, 1911-1914; Associate Principle Campbellsburg High School, 1915-1916; principal West Liberty High School, 1916-; address, West Liberty

CRAWFORD, MARGUERITE M. (Mrs. R. W. Batsel, Jr.), A.B., teacher Greenville, 1912-1913; married 1913; died November 14, 1916

HALE, WILLIAM ROY, A.B., J.D. University of ChIcago, 1915; teacher Fremont, North Carolina, 1911-1912; lawyer, Akron, Ohio; address, Hamil­ton Building, Akron, Ohio H

ERRING, JOHN AUGUSTUS. JR., A.B., M.D. University of Michigan; physician Street Luke’s Hospital, New York City, New York

HOUNCHELL, PAUL, A.B., teacher English, Oneida Baptist Institute, 1911-1915; accountant and editor Kentucky Mountaineer, Oneida, 1915-1917; Superintendent Schools, Whitesburg, 1917-; address, Whitesburg

​ JOHNSTON, ASBURY, A.B., student Kentucky State University summer 1912; University of Chicago, 1914; teacher Science Oneida Baptist Institute, 1911-17; address, Oneida

KEMPER, GARVEY ELLISTON, A.B., principal Stanford High School, 1912-1913; retail grocery business, 1913-; address, 1521 Shelby Street, Indianapolis, Indiana

MILLER, NOXIE BLISS (Mrs. Knox E. Miller), A.B.; address, 1207 Clinton Street, Washington, D.C.

PARKS, BASIL MANLY, A.B., mayor Lily, Kentucky, 1909-1911; secre­tary-treasurer Old Lily Coal County 1911-1912; teacher Frazer Fitting School, Anderson, South Carolina, 1912-1914; principal, ib., 1914-1915; teacher Mathematics, Anderson, South Carolina High School, 1915-1916; president Frank Hughes College. Clifton. Tennessee, 1916-; address, Clifton, Tennessee

RICKS, MARGARET, A.M., B.A. Converse College, 1907; M.A. Peabody College, 1916; teacher St. Mary’s College,Raleigh, North Carolina, 1911-1915; teacher Polk County High School, Benton, Tennessee, 1916-; address. Tarboro, North Carolina

THOMAS. MAUD ETHEL, A.B., student Smith College, 1912; Kentucky State University 1914; teacher Summerville Academy, Augusta, Georgia, 1914-1917; address, Edwards, Mississippi

THOMPSON. JANE S., A.B., teacher Campbellsburg High School, 1911-1913; Plain Dealing, Louisiana, High School, 1913-1916; Williamstown High School, 1916-; address, Georgetown

VALLANDINGHAM, JOHN T., A.B., student Michigan State Normal, summer 1912; University of Chicago, summer 1913, 1914, 1915; principal Brooksville High School, 1912-1913; teacher Cumberland College, 1913-1917; lieutenant U.S.U., 1917; ad­dress. Wheatley

WESTNEAT, ARTHUR SHERIDAN, A.B., A.M. 1912; B.D. New­ton Theological Seminary, 1915; student Harvard University, 1916; pastor Salem. Massachutes, 1913-1915; Hudson, New Hampshire, 1916-; address, Hud­son, New Hampshire, R. No. 2

WHITAKER, EUREKA, A.B., hotel clerk, Boswell, New Mexico, 1912-1913; bookkeeper Spring Valley, Ohio Bank, 1913-1914; book­keeper Creamery Company, Dayton. Ohio, 1914-1915; Detroit, Michigan 1915-1917; bookkeeper Dime Savings Bank, Detroit, Mich., 1917-; address, 610 Trumbull Avenue, Detroit, Michigan

WRIGHT, ARKLEY, A.B., student University of Chicago, 1911-14; Peabody College, 1916; superintendent schools Erlanger, 1908-1911; teacher, Cumberland College, 1911-1914; principal High School, Henderson, 1914-1917; principal Grove City High School, Paris, Tennessee, 1917-; address, Paris, Tennessee


ANDERSON, GRACE, B.L., 1907, A.B., student Peabody College, 1916; teacher Princeton High School, 1912-1914; Richmond High School, 1914-; address, Georgetown, R. No. 3

BRADLEY, EUGENE ANDERVILLE, A.B., A.B. Yale, 1913; photographer, Georgetown, 1913-; address, Georgetown

BRANHAM, COGAR, A.B., A.B. Yale, 1913; teacher Philippine Islands, 1913-1915; Street Paul’s School, Concord, New Hampshire, 1915-; address, Midway

BROWN, GREENBERRY BEDFORD JR., A.B., A.B. Yale, 1913; M.D. Johns Hopkins University, 1917; physician; address, George­town

DABNEY, JAMES PRESTON, A.B., student University of Chicago, 1914; Prin. Beech Grove High School, Violet, Mississippi, 1912-14; Superintendent Hermanville High School, Mississippi, 1914-1916; Prin. High School, Smithland, 1916-; address, Cadiz

GATTON, ROY HARPER, A.B., Prin. Madisonville High School, 1912-1914; Superomtendent City Schools ib., 1914-; trustee Georgetown College, 1916-; address, Madisonville

JOHNSTON, ERNEST TALMAGE, A.B., student Medical Department, University of Louisville, 1913-1916; chemist American Steel Found­ries, East Street Lotis, Illinois, 1916-; address, Finchville

PARKS, LYMAN LEWIS, A.B., A.B. Cuuherlaud College, 1911; Assistant Principle Barbourville Institute, 1912-1913; cadet U. S. Military Academy, West Point, New York, 1913-1917; address, Lily

ROSE, BESSE MAHAN, A.B., teacher Cumberland College, 1912-; address, Williamsburg

SHIRLEY, ROBERT LEE, A.B., Th.G. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1915; pastor Louisville, 1912-1916: Bardstown, 1916-; address, Bardstown


SANTA, LUCILE BURNETTE, A.D., student University of Wisconsin, 1916; teacher Pleasureville Academy, 1913-1915; Lawrenceburg High School, 1915-1916; Nicholasville High School, 1916-; address, Shelbyville

EORD, KATHERINE, A.B.; address, Georgetown

GOLDSMITH, ROY CHESTER, A.B., AM, student Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; pastor Millersburg; address, Millersburg HOWARD, ARCHIE LEET, B.S., teacher Philippine Islands, 1913-1916; address, Utica, R. No. 1

HUEY, ROBERT GARNETT, A.B., professor English, Bacone College, Bacone, Oklahoma, 1913-1914; teacher High School, Edmon­ton, 1914; Principle Middleburg High School, 1914-; address, Burlington

JONES, THOMAS HAWKINS, A.B., Rhodes Scholar, Oxford University, England; member of American Commission for Re­lief in Belgium, 1914-1915; lawyer Arcadia, Florida, 1915-; address, Arcadia, Florida

McIKINNEY, SIMON HOLT, A.B., traveling salesman; address, Cadlz

MILLER, J. HAYNES, A.B., teacher Philippine Islands, 1915-1917; Ed. Mis. China, 1917-; address, North Pleasureville

POLLARD, LLOYD, B.S., student University of Cincinnati, 1913; teacher Philippine Islands, 1914-1917; 2nd Officers Reserve Camp, Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana, 1911-; address, Crop­per

RILEY, WALTER E., A.B., student University of Chicago, 1913; Columbia University, 1916; bead English Department, Newport High School, 1912-1914; Instructor Boys’ High School, Louisville, 1914; address, 1362 South 2nd Street, Louisville

SUMMERS, HOLLIS SPURGEON, A.B., student Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; pastor Eminence, 1913; Third Avenue Hampton Church, Louis­ville, 1916-; address, 1728 South Third Street, Louisville

YAGER, RODES ESTILL, B.S., student Medical Dept. Johns Hopkins University, 1914-; address, San Juan, Peurto Rico


BARNETT, JAMES HARMON, JR., A.B., LL.B., Richmond Col­lege, Virginia, 1917; professor and director of Athletics Carson Newman College, Jefferson City, Tennessee, 1914-1915; 2nd Officers Reserve Training Camp, Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana, 1917-; address, Broadhead

BATSEL, RUFUS WILLIAM, JR., A.B., Principle High School, Or­linda, Tennessee, 1914-1916; farmer Bremen, 1916-; address, Bre­men

BRATCHER, LEWIS MALEN, A.B., Th.M. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1917; address, Black Rock

COWAN, GEORGE THORNTON, B.S., student Louisville College of Dentistry, 1916-; teacher Elizaville High School, 1914-1915; address Ewing

CURREY, MARIAM GAINES, A.B., director Physical Culture, Paris High School, 1916-; address, Harrodsburg

FREEMAN, AUDREY (Mrs. Roscoe Woods), A.B., teacher, Nocatee, Florida, 1914-1915; married, 1916; address, Urbana, Illinois

GARRETT, PAUL LOOS, A.H., A.M., 1915; Principle Crittenden High School, 1915-1917; Principle Campbellsburg High School 1917-; address, Campbellsburg

HERNDON, GRADY, A.B., Prin. Graded School, LaFayette, 1914-1915; teacher Mathematics, Paducah High School, 1915-1916; employee Chalmers Motor Company 1916-; address, 496 Conti­nental Avenue, Detroit, Michigan

JONES, RUSSELL, A.B., student University of Chicago summer 1914; principal Stamping Ground High School, 1916-; address, Switzer

JUDD, THOMAS ALLEN, A.B., teacher of Mathematics and coach of Athletics, Springfield, Tennessee, 1914-1915; Huntington, Tennessee, 1915-1916; Principle Mangham High School, Mangham, Louisiania, 1916-; address, Columbia

McELROY, MARGARET, A.B., student Peabody College summer 1916; Principle Ward School, Knoxville, Tennessee.; address, 1609 Phllan Street, Birmingham, Alabama

MINOR, SADIE OBYE, A.B., teacher Marion High School, 1914-1917; Paducah High School, 1917-; address, Lebanon

MORRIS, LUCILE FOREE, A.B., teacher; address, Sulphur

RHOTON, PAUL, B.S., teacher Trenton University School, Trenton, Pennsylvania, 1914-1915; teacher Mathematics and Director at Athletics, Ashland High School, 1915-1917 Lieutenant U. S. H., 1917-; address, Georgetown

ROSS, RAY, B.S., teacher, Paris, Tennessee, 1914-1916; farmer, Ewing, 1916-; address, Ewing

RUCKER, KATHERINE, A.B., teacher Campbellsburg High School, 1914-1915; Georgetown Academy, 1915-1916; address, Georgetown

SMITH, ROBIE LEE (Mrs. E. R. Milan), A.B., student Piano under Madeleine B. Prosser, 1914-1915; Domestic Science and Gymnasium, Kansas City Polytechnic Institute, 1917; married 1917; address, Nashville, Tennessee

SUMMERS, ERBERT SNIDER, A.B., student Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1915-; minister; address, Georgetown SWITZER, W. L., B.S., teacher and director of Athletics, Bartow, Florida, 1914-1916; furniture and undertaking business, George­town, 1916-; address, Georgetown

THOMAS, SARA LOUISE, A.B., A.B. Richmond College, 1915; address. Georgetown

THOMPSON, CLARA BELL, A.B., student Bryn Mawr College, 1909-1911; Principle Middlesboro High School, 1914-1916; address, Hopklnsville

THOMPSON, PRANK ALLISON (Mrs. H. L. Grant), A.B., A.B. Randolph Macon, 1915; Assistant Principal Paintsviile High School, 1916-1917; married, 1917; address, Georgetown

WALLER, FRANK (Mrs. Carl Ramsey), A.B., teacher Madisonville High School, 1914-1915; Stanford High School, 1916-1917; married 1917; address, Madisonville, Kentucky

WOODS, ROSCOE, A.B., M.A., University of Maine, 1916; instructor University of Maine, Orono, Maine, 1914-1917: University of Illinois, 1917-; address, Urbana, Illinois


DAWES, CLARENCE COLLIVER, A.B., Assistant Secretary Y.M.C.A., Paris, 1915-1916; teacher Paris High School, 1916-1917; Lieutenant U. S. H.; address, Georgetown

FINNELL, MARY NELL, A.B., teacher Metcalf County High School, 1915-1916; Hinton, 1916; Jellico, Tennessee, 1916-1917; Terre Haute, Indiana 1917-; address. Georgetown

GAINES, JOHN PRICE, A.B., teacher Mt. Sterling High School, 1915-1916; Georgetown High School, 1916-; address, George­town

HOLLADAY, JAMES, JR., B.S., teacher Woodberry Forest School, Woodberry, Virginia, 1916-1916; farmer, Columbia, 1916-; address, Columbia

HOLLADAY, LOIS PORTER, A.B., teacher, Pleasurevllle, 1915-1916; address, Columbia

HILL, JOSHUA WALLACE, A.B., student George Peabody Col­lege, 1916; teacher and director of Athletics, Clarkesvllle High School, 1915-1916; address, 631 Madison Street, Clarkes­vllle, Tennessee

HILL, THOMAS RUSSELL, A.B., teacher and director of Athletics, Springfield, 1916-1916; Principal Jellico, Tennessee, 1916-1917; Superintendent ib., 1917-; address, Jellico, Tennessee

HUBBARD, ROBERT, A.B. student law, Columbia University, 1915-1917; Lieutenant U. S. H., 1917; address, Hodgenvllle

KENDRICK, HAROLD HALL, A.B., Instructor Claremont School for Boys, 1915-; address, Claremont, California

LUCAS, ELMER, A.B., principal Erlanger High School, 1916-; address, Erlanger

McKEAIG, WILLIS HOWARD, A.B., farmer; address, Sturgis

OWSLEY, EUGENIA, A.B., teacher High School, Gadsden, Alabama, 1915-1917; Stanford, 1917-; address, Owensboro

SHANKLIN, LOUISE CALHOUN, A.B., teacher in High School, Plain Dealing, Louisiania, 1916-1917; address, Nepton

SPRAGENS, DENNIS BEELER, A.B., teacher Stanford High School, 1915-1916; Instructor Cumberland College, 1916-1917; Stanford High School, 1917-; address, Ellisbur.

THRELKELD, WILLIAM LOGAN, JR., A.B., teacher and direc­tor of Athletics, Madisonvllle, 1916-1917; Lieutenant U. S. H.; address, Nicholasville

WILLETT, DWIGHT HAYNES, A.B., A.M. Baylor University, 1916; student Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, 1916-; address New York Hall, Louisville

YAGER, DIANA LEWIS, A. B., A.B. Vassar, 1916; address, San Juan, Peurto Rico


ARNOLD, FLOSSIE, A.B., A.M., Columbia University, 1917; address, Owenton

BANTA, BLANCHE SLEMMONS, A.B., teacher Russell Creek Baptist Academy, 1916; address Shelbyville, H. No. 3 COBB, MARY WILL, A.B., teacher Graded School, Corinth, 1916-; address, Owenton

CROSS, EDGAR EWING, B. S., Field Hospital Corps; address, Smith’s Grove

CRUM, PATTY GILL, A.B., registrar Georgetown College 1916-; address, Georgetown

DEMPSTER, NELL JOSEPHINE, A.B., teacher graded school, Union, 1916-1917; address, Glen Dean

DOTSON, JOHN ANDREW, A. B., Prin. Salt Lick High School, 1916-; address, Salt Lick

ENLOW, ISHAM, A.B., student Southern Baptist They. Seminary, 1916-; pas­tor Junction City and Hopewell Hampton Churches; address, New York Hail, Louisville

FORD, EMILY ELIZABETH, A.B., assistant Georgetown College, 1916-; address, Georgetown

FORWOOD, LORA, A.B., teacher Smithland High School, 1916-; address, Georgetown

GAINES, PRINCIE CLARK, A.B., teacher Little Rack, 1916-; ad­dress, Georgetown

HUEY, ESTELLE, A.B., teacher Dry Ridge, 1916-; address, Bur­lington

JUDD, ROMIE DUSTIN, A.B., Principle Grove City High School, Paris. Tennessee. 1916-1917; 2nd O. H. T. Camp, 1917; address, Columbia

KEENE, DORA, A.B., A.M. University of Illinois, 1917; teacher Cham­paign, Illinois, 1917-; address, Georgetown

LAWSON, CLYDE, A.B., teacher Hawesville High School, 1916-1917; Jellico, Tennessee, 1917-; address, Cornishville

LAYMAN, GOSNELL, A.B., teacher and director of Athletics, Ft. Thomas High School, 1916-17; member of U. S. Marines, 1917-; address, Leitchfield

MADDOX, CLIFFORD RHEA, B.S., teacher Sarbourville Baptist Institute, 1916-1917; address, Beaver Dam

MOORMAN, MARTHA, A.B.; address, Leitchfleld

PATTERSON, KENNETH ROLAND, B.S., teacher Bloomfleld, 1916-1917; teacher Madisonville, 1917-; address, Lebanon

SCOTT, ELIZABETH SOPHIA, A.B., teacher Lancaster High School, 1916-; address, Ghent

THOMAS, ELLEN, A.B.; address, Georgetown

THOMPSON, CALVIN MILES, A.B., student Newton Theological Seminary, Newton Center, Massachusetts, 1916-; address, Hopklnsvllle

​ THOMPSON, KATHERINE, A.B., teacher West Liberty High School, 1916-1917; Augusta High School, 1917-; address, Au­gusta

TIPTON, MARGARET, A.B., teacher, Mt. Sterling, 1916-; ad­dress, Georgetown

WAGNER, LEWIS CLARKE, A.B., student Medical Department Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, 1916-; address, Nicholasvllle

WAHL, HAROLD FREDERICK, B.S., A.M.; address, Paducah

WALLER, RICHARD HERNDON, A.B., Assistant Secretary Paris Y. M. C. A., 1916-17; address, Hopkinsville

WALNE, FLORENCE, A.B., teaching; address, Tanaka Machi, Shimonoseki, Japan

WYMAN, MINERVA ANNE, A.B., teacher, Madisonville, 1916-1917; Hardinsburg, 1917-; address, Mayfield, H. No. 4


ABBOTT, ANNA LEE, A.B., teacher Latin and French, LaFayette High School, Alabama, 1917-; address, LaFayette, Alabama

ACTON, HULCEE MARCUS, A.B., student University at Wisconsin. 1916; Assistant in Modern Languages, Georgetown College, 1917-; address, Georgetown

ANDERSON, JAMES WILLIAM, A.B., farmer; address, George­town

ATKINSON, WILLIAM BURR, B.S., student Medical Dept. University of Louisville, 1917-; address, Campbellsville

BRATCHER, CHARLES SLATON, A.B., student Southern Baptist Theology Seminary, 1917-; address, Leitchfleld

BUTLER, MARY LOUISE, A.B., teacher Whltesburg High School, 1917-; address, Dry Ridge

CRAFT, WILEY BOONE, A.B., 2nd Officers Reserve Training Camp, Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana; address, Tankeley

CRAIG, MARJORIE, A.B., teacher Marion High School, 1917-; address, Ghent

CRESS, EDITH MARIE, A.B., teacher; address, Oneida

GRUTCHER, IRENE, A.B., teacher Shepherdsville High School, 1917-; address, Ghent

CURRY, LATHEY ERNEST, A.B., Prin. Smithfield High School. 1917-; address, Pierce

FORD, JOHN QUINCY TANDY, A.B., teacher and director at Athletics, Sturgis High School, 1917-; address, Georgetown

FREEMAN, CLARA EDNA, A.B., teacher; address, Nocatee, Florida

FRITTS, EDWIN COULTHARD, B.S., Graduate, student and instruc­tar of Physics University of Illinois; address, Lexington

HICKS, RAYMOND GIVENS, B.S., FIeld Hospital Service, U. S. A.; address, Providence

JACOB, ROBERT AUGUSTUS, B.S.; address, Franklin

JAMES, MERRITT, A.B., student Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1917-; address, Shelbyville

JENKINS, JOE CLINT, A.B., teacher and director of Athletics, Paducah High School, 1917-; address Owensboro

JOHNSON, SARAH LOUISE, A.B.; address, Hazard

JONES, RUSSELL BRADLEY, A.B., student Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1917-; address, Corinth

KEPHART, ANNA NASBYE, A.B., teacher, Glasgow High School, 1917-; address, Pleasureville

​ MARTIN, WILLIAM ROY, A.B., farmer; Waddy

NEAL, JOHN THOMAS, A.B., student Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; ad­dress, 225 South Street Catherine, Louisville PECK, OLIVER THORNTON, A.B., teacher Stamping Ground, 1917-; address, Falmauth

SISK, BARBER UEL, B.S., teacher Dawson High School; address Madlsonville

SMITH, THOMAS EDWARD, A.B., pastor Mayalick Baptist Church; address, Mayslick

​ SPRAGENS, THOMAS EUGENE, B.S., Remington Fire Arms Company New Jersey, 1917-; address, Elllsburg

STOUT, JAMES VERNON, B.S., employee Goodyear Rubber Company Akron, Ohio; address, 1389 Sprague Street, Akron, Ohio

SUMMERS, ELLIOTT HUDSON, A.B., law; address, Georgetown

WOHLBOLD, EDWARD TAYLOR, B.S.; address, Louisville

YOUNG, DUKE WEBB, A.B., teacher Mt. Sterling High School, 1917-; address, Carlisle

NOTE—The degree of Master of Arts was given three years after graduation “in course” until 1873. From that time until 1896 it was conferred “only on those students who should accomplish the full course of study prescribed for the College.” Since 1896, the degree represents one year of study in residence after graduation with the Bachelor’s degree.


Presidents of Higher Education Institutions


Isaac Caldwell (Attended, 1839-1840) University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, 1869-1885.

William Edwards Paxton (Class of 1847, 1850) Shreveport University, Shreveport, Louisiana, 1873; Centennial Institute, Warren, Arkansas, 1878-.

George Hunt (Class of 1849) Bethel College, Russellville, Kentucky, 1862-1864.

Edwin Iorwerth Owen (Class of 1849, 1852) , Liberty, Missouri, 1863-1867.

Benjamin Turner Blewitt (Class of 1850) Founder, Bethel College, Russellville, Kentucky, 1856-1861; St. Louis Female Academy, St. Louis, Missouri, 1870-1914.

John T. Williams (Class of 1852) Columbia Baptist Female College (now Stephens College), Columbia, Missouri, 1858-1865.

Jesse A. Hollis (Class of 1855) Columbia Baptist Female College (now Stephens College), Columbia, Missouri, 1856-1857, 1865-1870.

Joshua Flood Cook (Class of 1858) New Liberty College, New Liberty, Kentucky, 1859-1861; LaGrange College (now Hannibal-LaGrange College), LaGrange, Missouri, 1866-1896; Webb City College, Webb City, Missouri, 1896-1900.

James McClellan Bent (Class of 1860) Pierce City College, Pierce City, Missouri, 1890-1891; Liberty College, Glasgow, Kentucky, 1891-1892.

Richard Moberly Dudley (Class of 1860) Georgetown College, Georgetown, Kentucky, 1879-1893.

John William Ellis (Class of 1863) Plattsburg College, Plattsburg, Missouri, 1880-1897; Central Christian College, Albany, Missouri, 1900-1902.

H. J. Greenwell (Class of 1873) Liberty College, Glasgow, Kentucky, 1895-1899.

Augustus Cleveland Davidson (Class of 1874) Georgetown College, Georgetown, Kentucky, 1893-1898.

John Thomas Walker (Class of 1877) Ghent College, Ghent, Kentucky, 1882-84.

Madison Monroe Riley (Class of 1880) Greenville Women’s College, Greenville, South Carolina, 1894-1900; Brenau College, Gainesville, Georgia, 1900-1902. Arthur Yager (Class of 1882) Georgetown College, Georgetown, Kentucky, 1908-1913.

Edward Williams White (Class of 1884) Liberty College, Glasgow, Kentucky, 1885-1887; Lynnland Female College, Glasgow, Kentucky, 1887-1895; Lexington College, Missouri, 1900-1911.

James Dowden Bruner (Class of 1886) Chowan Female College, Murfreesboro, North Carolina, 1909-1914; Daughters College, Harrodsburg, Kentucky, 1915-1917.

Samuel Chiles Mitchell (Class of 1888) University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina, 1908-1913; Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia, 1913-1914; University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware, 1914-1920.

John Strother Humphreys (Class of 1892) Howard Payne College, Brownwood, Texas, 1911-1913 (Acting President, 1908-1910); Burleson College, Greenville, Texas, 1913-1916; College of Marshall, Marshall, Texas, 1918-1921.

James Madison Shelburne (Class of 1897) Howard College (now Samford University), Birmingham, Alabama, 1913-1917.

Robert Hill Tandy (Class of 1898)Bethel College, Russellville, Kentucky, 1917-1918.

William Thomas Ford (Class of 1899) Northeastern State Normal College, Talequah, Oklahoma, 1919-1923.

Elmer Atwood (Class of 1900) Wayland College (now Wayland Baptist University) Plainview, Texas, 1919-1923.

Edward Leland Atwood (Class of 1900, 1901) Tennessee College for Women, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, 1923-1941.

John C. Dawson (Class of 1901) Howard College (now Samford University), Birmingham, Alabama, 1921-1932.

Basil Manly Parks (Class of 1911) Frank Hughes College, Clifton, Tennessee, 1916 – 1917.

Warren Francis Jones (Class of 1921) Campbellsville Junior College (now Campbellsville University), Campbellsville, Kentucky, 1926-1930, 1941-1945; Union College (now Union University), Jackson, Tennessee, 1945-1963.

James Malcolm Boswell (Class of 1928) Cumberland College (now the University of the Cumberlands), Williamsburg, Kentucky, 1947-1980.

Eugene Munger Austin (Class of 1930) Colby Junior College, New London, New Hampshire, 1935-1962.

LaVerne Butler (Class of 1948) Mid-Continent College, Mayfield, Kentucky, 1988-1997.

Raymond E. Lawrence (Class of 1949) Mid-Continent College, Mayfield, Kentucky, 1981-1987.

David L. Jester (Class of 1951) Wayland College (now Wayland Baptist University), Plainview, Texas, 1981-1987; Mid-Continent College, Mayfield, Kentucky, 1997-2002.

William Hughes Owens (Class of 1953) Pikeville College, Pikeville, Kentucky, 1985-1997.

Billy Overton Wireman (Class of 1954) Florida Presbyterian College (now Eckerd College), Saint Petersburg, Florida, 1968-1977; Queens College (now Queens University), Charlotte, North Carolina, 1978-2002.

Chai-Wei Woo (Class of 1956) San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California, 1983-1988; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, China, 1991-2001.

Donald Wayne Zacharias (Class of 1957) Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, Kentucky, 1979-1985; Mississippi State University, Starkville, Mississippi, 1985-1997.

Thomas Edward Corts (Class of 1963) Wingate College, Wingate North Carolina, 1974-1983; Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama, 1982-2006.

Paul Richard Corts (Class of 1965) Wingate College, Wingate North Carolina, 1983-1991; Palm Beach Atlantic College, Palm Beach, Florida, 1991-2002.

R. Phil Roberts (Class of 1973) Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Kansas City, Missouri, 2001-2012.

Katherine [Wilder] Winograd (Class of 1979) Central New Mexico Community College, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 2007-


Members of Congress


John Daniel Clardy (Class of 1848), a Representative from Kentucky; born in Smith County, Tenn., August 30, 1828; moved with his parents to Christian County, Ky., in 1831; attended the county schools, and was graduated from Georgetown (Ky.) College in 1848; taught school one year; studied medicine at the University of Louisville, Kentucky, for one year, and was graduated from the University of Pennsylvania at Philadelphia in 1851; practiced his profession for a number of years, and then abandoned it to devote his time to scientific agriculture and stock raising; delegate to the State constitutional convention in 1890; appointed as one of the State commissioners to the Columbian Exposition at Chicago in 1893; elected as a Democrat to the Fifty-fourth and Fifty-fifth Congresses (March 4, 1895-March 3, 1899); was not a candidate for renomination in 1898; retired from public life; died at his home, “Oakland,” near Hopkinsville, Christian County, Ky., on August 20, 1918; interment in Clardy’s County Cemetery, Bells, Christian County, Ky.

Alexander Brooks Montgomery (Class of 1859), a Representative from Kentucky; born near Tip Top, Hardin County, Ky., December 11, 1837; attended the common and private schools; was graduated from Georgetown (Ky.) College in 1859 and from the Louisville Law School in 1861; engaged in agricultural pursuits in Hardin County, Ky., 1861-1870; was admitted to the bar and commenced the practice of law in Elizabethtown, Hardin County, Ky., in 1870; county judge of Hardin County, Ky., 1870-1874; member of the State senate 1877-1881; elected as a Democrat to the Fiftieth and to the three succeeding Congresses (March 4, 1887-March 3, 1895); chairman, Committee on Expenditures in the Department of War (Fifty-second and Fifty-third Congresses); unsuccessful candidate for reelection to the Fifty-fourth Congress; member of the Dawes Indian Commission, appointed under act of Congress to treat with the Five Civilized Tribes, 1895-1898; resumed the practice of law at Elizabethtown, Ky., where he died December 27, 1910; interment in City Cemetery.

James Franklin Clay (Class of 1860), a Representative from Kentucky; born in Henderson, Henderson County, Ky. October 29, 1840; attended public and private schools at Henderson; was graduated from Georgetown College, Kentucky, in June 1860; studied law; was admitted to the bar in 1862 and commenced practice in Henderson, Ky.; member of the State senate in 1870; elected as a Democrat to the Forty-eighth Congress (March 4, 1883-March 3, 1885); unsuccessful candidate for renomination in 1884; resumed the practice of his profession in Henderson, Ky.; served as city attorney and as attorney for the St. Louis & Southern Railroad and the Ohio Valley Railway Co.; died in Henderson, Ky., on August 17, 1921; interment in Fernwood Cemetery.

James Conquest Cross Black (Class of 1862), a Representative from Georgia; born in Stamping Ground, Scott County, Ky., May 9, 1842; attended the common schools and the high school at Newcastle, Ky., and was graduated from Georgetown College, Kentucky, in 1862; during the Civil War enlisted as a private in Company A, Ninth Kentucky Cavalry, in the Confederate Army; moved to Augusta, Ga., in 1865; studied law; was admitted to the bar in 1866 and commenced practice in Augusta, Ga.; member of the State house of representatives 1873-1877; served as president of the Augusta Orphan Asylum 1879-1886; member of the city council; served as city attorney; elected as a Democrat to the Fifty-third and Fifty-fourth Congresses and served from March 4, 1893, to March 4, 1895, when he resigned; subsequently elected to fill the vacancy caused by his own resignation and served from October 2, 1895, to March 3, 1897; was not a candidate for renomination in 1896; resumed the practice of law in Augusta, Ga., until his death there on October 1, 1928; interment in Magnolia Cemetery.

June Ward Gayle (1880-1881), a Representative from Kentucky; born in New Liberty, Owen County, Ky., February 22, 1865; attended Concord College, New Liberty, Ky., and Georgetown College, Georgetown, Ky.; deputy sheriff; member of the Democratic State central committee and of the State executive committee; high sheriff of Owen County 1892-1896; unsuccessful candidate for State auditor in 1899; engaged in banking and in the tobacco business; elected as a Democrat to the Fifty-sixth Congress to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Evan E. Settle and served from January 15, 1900, to March 3, 1901; resumed his former business activities; died in Owenton, Ky., on August 5, 1942; interment in New Liberty Cemetery, New Liberty, Ky.

James Campbell Cantrill (1886-1890), a Representative from Kentucky; born in Georgetown, Scott County, Ky., July 9, 1870; attended the common schools, Georgetown (Ky.) College, 1886-1890, and the University of Virginia at Charlottesville; engaged in agricultural pursuits until his death; chairman of the Scott County Democratic committee in 1895; elected a member of the State house of representatives in 1897, and again in 1899; served in the State senate 1901-1905; was nominated for Congress in 1904, but declined; delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 1904; elected president of the American Society of Equity for Kentucky, an organization of farmers, in 1908; elected as a Democrat to the Sixty-first and to the seven succeeding Congresses and served from March 4, 1909, until his death during his campaign as the Democratic nominee for Governor of Kentucky; chairman, Committee on Industrial Arts and Expositions (Sixty-fourth and Sixty-fifth Congresses); died in Louisville, Ky., September 2, 1923; interment in Georgetown Cemetery, Georgetown, Ky.

Carroll Hubbard, Jr. (Class of 1959), a Representative from Kentucky; born in Murray, Calloway County, Ky., July 7, 1937; attended public schools; graduated from Eastern High School, Middletown, Ky., 1955; B.A., Georgetown (Ky.) College, 1959; J.D., University of Louisville Law School, 1962; admitted to the Kentucky bar in 1962 and commenced practice in Mayfield; served in Kentucky Air National Guard, 1962-1967; Kentucky Army National Guard, 1968-1970; served in Kentucky State senate, 1968-1975; delegate, Democratic National Convention, 1970; unsuccessful candidate for the Democratic nomination for Governor of Kentucky in 1979; elected as a Democrat to the Ninety-fourth and to the eight succeeding Congresses (January 3, 1975-January 3, 1993); unsuccessful candidate for renomination in 1992 to the One Hundred Third Congress; is a resident of Mayfield, Ky.

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