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ART 210/212: Art History

A brief overview on researching textual and visual resources within the discipline of Art History.

Locating Articles

Scholarly Articles - Databases that offer popular and scholarly articles on controversial art topics.

Discovery Tool:  Try Yewno  for relational mapping. You may discovery connections and new resources that you'd never thought about.

For more information of the basics of Library Research, refer to the
Library Guide to Research.


  Remember, it is VITAL to
      organize your research
into one Research Portfolio--
             whatever form that may take...

                    Word file, notecards, binder, notebook,
account, diary?...etc.


Can't find an article?
You can get it through Inter-Library Loan. When you make an ILL request, the Library will seek out a copy for you and have it emailed or shipped here for you to pick up at the Circulation Desk...for FREE! But you have to request the article early--it can take a week or two to get it delivered.