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HIS 331: Revolutionary Europe

How to narrow a topic

Finding a Topic

It is important to do some initial research before committing to a topic in European history. One of the most effective ways to find a topic is to start broad on a general topic that interests you, do some reading, and then focus your topic.

Course Textbooks – to familiarize yourself with your general topic.
Encyclopedias – to familiarize yourself with your general topic.

Database: Credo Reference, Search term: Congress of Vienna
Library books – to research your topic more fully and to begin gathering possible sources.
      Library Catalog
Bibliographies - Academic texts will ALWAYS have bibliographical references (footnotes, endnotes, works cited, etc.) that cite source material. If a scholalry work you are using lacks any references, chances are, it's NOT scholarly.
Your Professor! - No one has a better understanding of this area and no one wants you to choose an effective topic more than Dr. Wargelin.