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HIS 345: Military History


There are a number of databases that you can access through the LRC that can help you in your research on this project. A few of them listed below, but by no means an exhaustive list. We recommend you start your searches here, but that does not mean they are the only places you should look.


Subject Specific Journals

Military history is a rich sub-discipline to the larger history field. Many historians have dedicated their lives and careers to research in this area and produced immense amounts of work to share with the world. A lot of this work has appeared in book form, but so much more appears in journals in the field that are dedicated to the study of military history. Knowing that these journals exist and where to find them is vital in gaining a deeper understanding of this vast historiography and field. 

Other Useful Sources

As mentioned previously, the LRC is not a research library and our collections are not comprehensive. As such, you will need to seek out other sources to help you in the completion of this research paper. Below is a short list of other archives, collections, and organizations you should explore as you conduct research for your project.


Remember, it is VITAL to organize your research into one Research Portfolio--whatever form that may take...
      Word file, notecards, binder, notebook, DropBox
account, diary?...etc.

  "I wrote them down in my Diary
        so that I wouldn't have to remember"
                  -- Dr. Wargelin learns a lesson.