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HIS 345: Military History

Picking Your Topic Is Research

*Courtesy of North Carolina State University Libraries

LRC Resources

Each of the resources listed below are available to you as students at Georgetown College. You can access each of these from our website, which is located here. Each of these tools can direct you to various tools and resources to help you as you start your research project, as you start to gather your resources, and as you begin the writing process. 


Sources for background research


Popular Starting Points

Reference books are always a great place to start when looking for material on a new subject. The entries located within can help you find dates, places, people, etc. and often include a suggested bibliography for you to explore further. Below is a selection of reference books available to you at the LRC.


Get familiar with the overall landscape before you select a more focused topic!

Just as General Warren looked over the horizon of Gettysburg until he saw a faint glimmer of sunlight reflecting off Confederate weapons, a good research topic involves preliminary reading to get an overall understanding of a broad subject area. When you find something specific that sparks your interest, go with that topic and then begin your research.