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PSY 111: General Psychology

This guide is intended to help students research in the introductory Psychology course.

Research, Writing, & Citation Help

Want to develop your writing skills? Engage with a tutor in the Writing Center!
  • The goal of the Writing Center is to serve writers of Georgetown College at all levels, in any course, at every stage of the writing process.
  • The Writing Center provides one-on-one support for students. 
  • You may drop in or make an appointment.
  • Note that you should request any help from the Writing Center well in advance of a writing assignment due date.

Sunday: 7-11 pm
Monday: 1-4:30 pm & 7-9 pm
Tuesday: 9:30-11:30 am; 1-4:30 pm; 7-9 pm 
Wednesday: 1-4:30 pm; 7-11 pm 
Thursday: 9:30-11:30 am; 1-4:30 pm; 7-11 pm 

To make an appointment, call 502-863-8423 or preschedule in GConnect.

To preschedule an appointment, please log in to GConnect and click on “My Support Network” and then “Writing Center.”

You will then be able to select a time to meet with a tutor from a wide array of office hours.