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KHS 405: Health Behavior Modification

This guide provides students in KHS 405: Behavior Modification, with resources and tips for researching their course projects.

What Is a Scholarly Article?

Trade or Professional Journals
Popular Magazines
PURPOSE   Use for in-depth, original research findings, and peer-reviewed research articles.   Use for current events topics or editorials and opinions dealing with current events.   Offers specialized industry or professional articles that tend to be more practical and applied in nature.   For the general interest reader—these articles are used to inform or entertain.

What Is a Literature Review?

Understanding a literature review...
  • What?  Overview /survey of a small body of scholarly research (i.e. books, articles, conference papers, theses, dissertations, etc.) in a particular discipline.
  • Why?    Often a required component of grant and research proposals.  They are also a common preface to theses, dissertations, and scholarly articles.
  • Scope?   Determined in large part by your research needs and/or restrictions.  (Summary or critical evaluation)

The resources below provide examples of literature reviews.