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HIS 450: Senior Seminar

A guide to library research as a professional historian.


Welcome Historians!

HIS 450 most likely marks your first professional attempt at 'doing history.' The course seeks to initiate you into the academic discipline of history, not as a student working on a course project for a grade, but as a professional embarking on an historical study to help others understand more fully an episode or aspect of our shared past.

This research guide offers suggestions on the methods of doing historical research in a more discipline-specific approach.

Please use this guide as a starting point for all your historical research and remember to contact a librarian should you ever need assistance locating materials in support of your academic pursuits...even after college.

Richelieu and the Siege of La Rochelle

Cardinal Richelieu on the Seawall at La Rochelle, by Henri Motte

Pursuits in History

What can I do with a History Degree?