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HIS 250: Historical Methods


Many of you know the importance of journal articles to the foundation of academic work. While books and other materials are good to read and explore for a deeper interpretation of historical events, periods, and people, journal articles form the backbone of any academic endeavor or writing. It is in these works that authors and researchers "test out" various interpretations and hypothesis. For many, this is where they enter the scholarly conversation and feel their way into a niche for their discipline. The articles are then published in journals that are field specific or focused on the myriad of sub-disciplines that exist in the historical field. 

Scholarly articles

Scholarly or Peer-Reviewed journals contain literature that is written by experts in a particular field of study. 

The articles often contain reports on original research studies, literature reviews and more. 

Such articles are essential when writing for undergraduate courses, dissertations, thesis, grant proposals, etc.

Using scholarly research for your papers or speeches provides the backing of experts, which can make your argument stronger.

Article evaluation

What is peer review?

*Courtesy of North Carolina State University Libraries

Locating Articles

Scholarly Articles - Databases that offer scholarly articles on historical topics.
Database: America History & Life
Database: Historical Abstracts
Database: Other Historical Databases
         Example search: Prohibition
Browsing Journals -
      Database: A to Z eResource List
For more information of the basics of Library Research, refer to the
Library Guide to Research.