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HIS 333: Europe in Crisis

Finding a Topic

It is important to do some initial research before committing to a topic in European history. One of the most effective ways to find a topic is to start broad on a general topic that interests you, do some reading, and then focus your topic.

Course Textbooks – to familiarize yourself with your general topic.
Encyclopedias – to familiarize yourself with your general topic.

Database: Credo Reference,
      Search term: Franz Ferdinand Assassination

Library books – to research your topic more fully and to begin gathering possible sources.
      Library Catalog
Bibliographies - Academic texts will ALWAYS have bibliographical references (footnotes, endnotes, works cited, etc.) that cite source material. If a scholalry work you are using lacks any references, chances are, it's NOT scholarly.
Your Professor! - No one has a better understanding of this area and no one wants you to choose an effective topic more than Dr. Wargelin.


There are about 50 different languages spoken in Europe...

Some very prominant historical events may have very little resources available in the languages you know. Make sure the topic you select has not only enough resources to write an effective paper, but that those resources are in a language you can read!