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Library Guide to Research: 4. Find Articles

Article Sources

Trade or Professional Journals
Popular Magazines
PURPOSE   Use for in-depth, original research findings, and peer-reviewed research articles.   Use for current events topics or editorials and opinions dealing with current events.   Offers specialized industry or professional articles that tend to be more practical and applied in nature.   For the general interest reader—these articles are used to inform or entertain.

Try Some of These Databases





Wilson Web



Newspaper Source

New York Times



Business Source Premier




Wilson Web


Evaluate Article Resources

Using Keywords

In most library databases, including our online catalogs, you must use keywords to retrieve relevant results.  (As opposed to typing in an entire sentence.) The video tutorial below, created by the library at the University of Missouri-St.Louis, explains how to use keywords to effectively search library databases.

General Databases

If you are just beginning your article research and you are unsure of where to start, try searching our general or multi-disciplinary databases.

Choosing the Right Database

Your paper topic will determine which library databases to search. Use the link below to find all library databases with a brief summary of what each covers.  Depending on your topic, you may need a more specific database resource.