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SOC 445 - Social Research Methods

Synthesizing information

Annotated bibliography

Writing for the academy


The Writing Process

After you have developed your research question, sought out and gathered evidence, prepared and are ready to write, you sit down in front of your computer and...nothing happens. You are stuck and you're afraid to make mistakes. Don't worry. This happens to everyone at some point. You need to think about how you want to get going and keep that motivation going. This short video provides an introduction on how to get started and then keep that momentum going. 

Avoiding Mistakes

All writers make mistakes. Some are too wordy, some too direct, and some have no idea what they are doing. Your goal should be to limit the mistakes you make in your writing to produce work that is readable, enjoyable, and conveys the point you are wishing to share with your audience. As you are working through your paper, make sure you work to avoid the mistakes discussed in the video below.