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GoBoard for GC Tutoring & Writing Center: Home

What is GoBoard?

GoBoard is an online platform that includes video conferencing, chat, and a shared interactive canvas and other tools that Georgetown College will be using for tutoring and writing center appointments online.

Getting Started - Technology Requirements

  • Students and tutors will need a computer with webcam and microphone or an iPad to use GoBoard. It's recommended to use headphones with an integrated microphone. (If you don’t have access to a microphone and camera, there is a text chat feature.)
  • GoBoard works best if you use the latest version of the Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers, although Google Chrome is preferred. It’s compatible with PCs, Macs, and iPads.


You should received two emails prior to your appointment time.

  1. You will receive the confirmation email from GConnect when you schedule your appointment.
  2. Your tutor or Writing Center consultant will email you a link to the GoBoard for your session prior to your appointment time.

All you have to do is click the GoBoard link that they sent, and enable your camera and microphone to get started!

Test GoBoard - As soon as you receive the link to your session, you are welcome to join the room and familiarize yourself with the GoBoard features. You will always be able to return to the room using the same link.

Make sure to check your connection, audio, and to try out the features. You can also upload images and files, etc. ahead of your appointment.

Using GoBoard

Entering the GoBoard Room
  1. Follow the link provided by your tutor, choose “I’m a student”.
  2. Enter your name and your GC email address when prompted to enter the room. This is allows you to get a pdf copy of the session emailed to you.
  3. Allow GoBoard to access your webcam and microphone, and select “Enter Now” (If you don’t have access to a microphone and camera, there is a text chat feature).

Welcome to Goboard screen

Uploading Documents

 You can upload PDFs, word documents, screen shots, and even photos from your phone!

To upload a document to the board:

1. Select more tools, and then Import/Export.

Tools screenshot

2. Choose Import.

Choose Import screenshot

3. Select where you’d like to import your document from.

Where to upload from screenshot

Using the Board

You can use basic tools like a laser pointer, a pen, or a text box to help communicate on the shared board.

To access the basic tools: Right click (or double tap on a touch screen) to access the basic tool pie menu.

Using the basic tools

For additional tools, explore the “more tools” menu.

More tools menu screenshot

Additional Tips

Chat and adding pages screenshot



   If your audio isn’t working, you can chat with your tutor using the text chat function.




  You can also add up to 8 pages to your board per session if you run out of space!

  • Your entire board is automatically emailed to you as a PDF after your session, so you can go back and review what you went over with your tutor.
  • You can also always go back and revisit the board by clicking the link to the room!
  • To exit the session, just close the window.

If you’re having issues with GoBoard, try these steps:

  • Make sure you are using an updated Google Chrome browser.
  • Log out and log back into the GoBoard room, close out your browser and reopen it, or restart your computer to complete updates.
  • You should have at least 5 mbps internet speed for the best experience. To test your internet speed, visit
  • Use the “Text Chat” tool if you have issues with or do not have access to a webcam and microphone.
  • Email your tutor to let them know about any other issues.

GoBoard Technical Support: Email [email protected] or call 877-919-8886

Based on a handout created by San Jose State University.