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Tiger Tracks: Registration

A collaboration between GC Academic Success & the Ensor LRC.

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It's Time to Register for Classes...

Toward the middle of each semester (mid-October in the Fall, mid-March in the Spring), you will receive an email from the Registrar letting you know that it is time to begin the registration process! What do you do after you receive this email? It's simple!

1. The Portal is your friend. Log in to to find the classes that are offered for the semester AND to register for classes once your registration window opens. 

2. Set up an appointment with your advisor. Check the Advising tab for more information on what the advising process looks like!

3. Take a look at what classes you would like to take. Have your Course Catalog (you'll get one during the PAWS scheduling event!) and take a look at what classes you might be interested in during your time at GC. 

4. Make sure you don't have any holds on your account. Missing transcripts or outstanding balances could delay your registration times. Take a look at your accounts well before your registration window to be sure you are in good shape to register.

5. Wake up early to make sure you get the classes you want! Your registration window will open at 7am. Classes are first come, first serve, so meeting with your advisor ahead of time and waking up early are the best ways to ensure that you have a schedule that you want! Don't worry, you can go back to sleep afterward - unless you have an 8am class!

What Does it All Mean?

Wait List: If all of the seats in a class are full, you may be given the option to join the Wait List for a class. After the registration window closes, professors will evaluate their wait lists to see if they can open additional spots in the class. If you need a class during a particular semester, it is best to contact the professor directly to see if they will open an extra seat for you while on the wait list. 

Course Overload: A normal semester class load is 15 hours. While we recommend that you stay at 15 hours per semester, students are able to enroll in 12-18 hours included in the cost of admission. With special permission from their advisor and major department chair, a student with a GPA of 3.0 or higher can enroll in additional hours at an additional per-semester-hour charge.

Drop/Add: Classes may be dropped, via The Portal or a drop slip without charge through the fourth day of class at 5pm. After this time, classes may be dropped for a fee of $20 through a drop slip submitted to the Registrar's Office until the final day to drop a class without a grade (listed on the Academic Calendar). 

Withdrawal: After the final date to drop without a grade, a student can withdraw from a class via the same process until the final day to drop a class (listed on the Academic Calendar) with a "W". A withdrawal does not impact GPA, but a "W" will show up on the final transcript in place of a grade for the class. 

Pass/Fail: Students may designate up to 14 semester hours of coursework during their GC career (no more than 6 per semester) as pass/fail. Pass/fail courses must be elective (outside major, minor, and Foundations & Core requirements). A student's transcript will show a "P" for a passing grade or a "F" for a failing grade in the class. This grade will not factor into GPA. 

Need Help?

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