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Tiger Tracks: Advising

A collaboration between GC Academic Success & the Ensor LRC.

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To help guide you through your transition from high school to college, you will be paired with an Academic Advisor.

Advising is a collaborative process that helps you decide which classes you need to take for your graduation path. Your Advisor will work with you to figure out which classes will fulfill the GC Foundations and Core requirements, as well as those of the fields that you are interested in studying for your major and minor. You will meet your first Academic Advisor during Orientation week and they will stick with you until you are ready to switch to an Advisor in your field of study. 

Advising FAQS

Who will my Academic Advisor be? 
That's easy! Your Professor who teaches your Freshman Seminar class (or leads your Orientation group if you opt out of Freshman Seminar) will be your Academic Advisor. Once you declare your major, you will transition to another Advisor within your department of study. 

How do I contact my Academic Advisor? 
Send your Advisor an email or stop by their office during their office hours to schedule an appointment. 

When will I meet with my Academic Advisor? 
You will meet with your Advisor each semester before your Registration window opens. This generally takes place around the end of October during the Fall semester and around the end of March in the Spring semester. Be on the lookout for an email from the Registrar's Office letting you know that it is time to schedule an appointment with your Advisor. Your Advisor is also available throughout the semester if you have concerns about dropping courses or changing your degree path. Just send them an email or stop by their office hours to schedule an appointment!

Will my Academic Advisor tell me which classes to take? 
While your Advisor is familiar with the GC curriculum, it is your responsibility to know which classes you need to take to complete your Foundations & Core and degree requirements. Don't worry - they will certainly help you during this process! Just make sure you come prepared with which classes you are interested in taking, as well as any developments on what you plan to study. 

How should I prepare for an appointment with my Academic Advisor? 
Take a look at your Course Catalog (each GC student receives a physical copy during their PAWS registration event) and familiarize yourself with the classes you will need for your Major or Minor, as well as your Foundations and Core requirements. If you are not sure what you would like to study just yet, that's fine! You have time to figure it out. Take a look at the classes that are being offered in the coming semester and come to your Advisor with an idea of what you would like to take. 


Contacting Your Advisor

You can contact your Advisor through GConnect, which allows you to message various offices around campus. If you forget where your Advisor's office is located, you can look up their office location and phone extension in the Portal ( under "GC Life - "Directory Search". 

Faculty and staff advisors generally have office hours when you can drop-in if you have a question. To schedule an advising appointment, send your Advisor an email or leave a message in their office.