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Tiger Tracks: Study Skills

A collaboration between GC Academic Success & the Ensor LRC.



Prep For Success

This may surprise you, but college is different than high school.
Your schedule changes rapidly, you spend more time surrounded by friends, and there are a million things to get involved in! How do you stay on top of your classes through all of these changes? 

Prioritize your classes. We get it, there are games to play, Netflix shows to watch, and several other commitments vying for your time. Make sure to prioritize classwork so that you do not find yourself in over your head. You do not need to spend 7 consecutive hours every day studying for class, but you do need to build time into to your schedule to work on homework and keep class material fresh in your mind. If you already know it, you won't have to cram as hard when you have a test!

Check out the App Store. There are several apps on the market (even FREE ones - we understand what a college budget is like!) to help you study for classes. 

Use a calendar. We don't care if it is on your phone, in a planner, on a white board or chiseled into a stone tablet - write down dates of big assignments! We want you to be aware of when your exams, papers, and projects are due. Make sure you jot these down at the beginning of the semester. 

If you are in too deep, reach out to Academic Success. We are here to help you out. We want to see you succeed! We can work with you to figure out how to manage your schedule, help you sign up for tutoring, and guide you as you make important decisions in your academic career. We meet with hundreds of students each year who have a range of questions and issues that they are facing - you are not alone!