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Christian Theology at Georgetown College: Monographs and Anthologies

This guide will assist research and reading for the Georgetown College theology curriculum.

About Monographs and Anthologies

In contrast to reference works such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, and handbooks, a monograph or anthology is usually intended to argue a controversial point.

Monographs are so named because they focus on developing a unified argument about a topic.

An anthology contains essays by multiple authors, typically arguing different points oriented toward a particular theme. Each essay in an anthology is understood as a singular source, and tend to be short and more tightly-argued like an academic journal article. 

Both monographs and essays will be listed in EBSCO database results.

Recommended Introductory Works

This is a list of excellent introductory works for the study of Christian theology. This is not an exhaustive list, as the Ensor LRC contains many other works that will be more or less helpful depending upon one's particular research topic. Remember to use creative keyword searches in the catalog, and do ask for help from a librarian!

Lectures from the Teaching Company

DVD lectures series from the Teaching Company engage reputable professors to supplement curricular offerings.