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Canvas Help Guide: Quick Links & More Videos

Keep Teaching with Canvas

Keep Teaching with Canvas

Instead of losing valuable class time to unexpected campus closings during emergencies or inclement weather, consider developing a plan for connecting with your students online via Canvas. First, communicate with your students. Then consider your options for synchronous (real time) and asynchronous (time-shifted) instruction and interaction.

Quick links to help you continue teaching your classes in the event of campus closures or if there is a disruption to your normal face-to-face teaching routine.

Course Navigation:
Using the course home page
Course navigation
Managing links
More about course navigation


What are Discussions?
How do I allow students to create a discussion?
How do I assign a graded discussion in my course?
More about discussions

Zoom Meetings

Adding Zoom links to Canvas


How do I create an assignment in an assignment group?
How do I publish an assignment?
How do I create rules for an assignment?
More about assignments


Quiz options
Publishing quizzes
More about quizzes

How do I use Chat?

How do I set up a conference?
More about conferences

How do I use the gradebook?
More about grades & gradebook

How do I upload files?
How do I bulk upload files?
More about files

Overview Videos

The following are some short overview videos from Canvas on some of the tools and functionality offered by the Learning Management System. The ones below are cover the most oft-used features on Canvas, but there are many more. For a full catalog of videos from Canvas, you can visit